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Leonor -Lost 24Lbs

Leonor Live In Fitness

Leonor Live In Fitness –

Leonor came to LIFE’s weight loss program all the way from Venezuela in search of a new beginning.  She had planned to attend school that fall in Venezuela as an architecture student and continue her studies, but she knew she wanted to be the best she could be before she began her career. As a child and throughout her adolescence Leonor had a passion for sports. She became a gifted tennis player, and it quickly became her outlet and a great way to stay in shape. However, with no real knowledge or understanding of what it meant to have a balanced diet, the moment she stopped playing tennis the weight began to pile on. Soon enough, and almost seamlessly she had become overweight without even taking notice as to how she let herself get to that point. She had lost sight of her self-image and her self-esteem, and she even stopped playing tennis.  Once, enrolled in LIFE’s weight-loss program it was clear that Leonor was determined to get her healthy life back. Following her schedule thoroughly and relentlessly and pushing herself beyond the limit made Leonor a true exemplary participant. With a level of commitment unrivaled by anybody else in the camp she became a leader and a true inspiration to others. By the end of the program she was able to play tennis again without her weight being an obstacle. In little time she was able to accomplish her weigh loss goals, but the genuine friendships she made, and the commitment to a healthy lifestyle for her were truly priceless.

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