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“A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that worthwhile, it can be done.” — Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi was one of the most motivational coaches in the world, and he coached one of the most successful football teams of all times. He did this not just because he new the best plays, had the best strategy, but because he knew how to motivate his team to greatness. Being a good coach means motivating someone to greatness. Think about who that person was to you. Did you have a great coach in your past who motivated you to push yourself harder than you thought possible? Most likely the person who gave you positive affirmations, and encouraged you to do your best is the person you think of– very few people are motivated by negative comments said in a harsh manner. Your favorite coach or teacher probably instructed you in a kind manner, or maybe they used humor to get their point across, or just told it to you straight– whatever their style was, think about how you can talk to yourself in a similar manner.  

You Need To Be Your Own Best Coach

You need to be your own best coach – You are the only one who is available to yourself 24/7 and you know yourself better than anyone else.  In the past you have probably treated yourself in a very harsh way, condemning yourself and diminishing your weight loss efforts.  As you did, you felt worse about yourself, and are much less likely to succeed.  You may not have stopped to consider both how ineffective this is, and that there is a better way.  Who better to learn this better way, than from someone who’s coaching style worked well for you?

Most of us do the opposite—we consistently say negative things to ourselves.  I had a coach once, who would constantly yell at me, usually while I was on the playing field– Viskovicz you’re doing this or that wrong.  To this day, my stomach turns a little when someone yells my name.  Needless to say, he wasn’t a very effective coach for me.  And yet, this is how most of us talk to ourselves – this needs to change.  So, what makes a good coach?

So, what makes a good coach?

A good coach:

-Will pick you up, when they see that you’re down.

-Will set you straight, when they see that you’re not taking things seriously.

-Will not berate you.

-Will guide you on how to be the best that you can be.

-Will set forth a game plan.

-Will reevaluate the game plan regularly and make the correct adjustments.

-Will fire you up to go out and win.

Keep these affirmations in your mind at all times, and you have the makings of a great coach.  And that’s how you need to be towards yourself.  Change the way you think about yourself, and you will be a WEIGHT LOSS WINNER!


Live In Fitness – Weight Loss Battle

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