Interval Pace Running

Interval Pace Running

Interval pace running is a perfect way to get a good run in, cover some distance and sweat. Many get stuck on the treadmill and their bodies adapt and you just don’t get the same workout in. Incorporating interval pace running has been a very good tool for all fitness levels to get outdoors and get that awesome run they have been looking for without having to stop early or get too tired.

Interval pace running can be made perfectly for your fitness level. It is very simple and easy to change when you feel like you can do more work or have to decrease the intensity. There are many times I hear people not want to go outside for a run because it makes them too tired or that the treadmill is easier for them to run for a longer period of time. Yes, using your own body to propel yourself in a forward running motion can cause you to put forth more effort if you are not used to it which will probably cause you to not run as long as you would on a treadmill. If you take a look at the brighter side of this situation you are at least able to somewhat run for a given amount of time. Now, all we have to do is find yourself a comfortable pace you can perform at.

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Here are a couple of ways you can personalize your pace to cater to your fitness level so that you can run for a longer period of time, cover some distance and get a good sweaty workout in.

  • Time- Run/walk for 20 seconds then walk for 20 seconds. If you feel like you can do more you can either reduce the rest time or increase the run/walk time. Either way, you should find what a good working pace is for you and keep that pace for as long as you can while progressively getting better over time.
  • Steps- Run/walk for 50 fast steps then rest for 25 steps. The stepping pace works really well if you keep the rest below the amount of work you are performing at. If that is too difficult you can always increase it.
  • Markers- This is where you can get creative and change up your workout. A classic example of marker pace running is going from street light to street light. Run/walk to a street light, when you get to it rest at a slower pace until you get to the next street light. You can also do this with mailboxes, driveways, trees, etc. Your chance to get creative and have fun with your workout.

Remember that when you are walking/running these paces you keep in mind that you want to progressively work to a pace where you don’t have to stop moving. Try out different pace intervals and figure out which pace interval will keep you at a working pace and sweating.

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