Hilton Head Island Keeps Getting Better!

This is the place you’ll want to be this summer. 

As the woman who brought them here and taught them how to live, you mom, deserve the best. This summer, give yourself the chance to experience a different kind of heaven found in South Carolina. Here are five reason why you’ll enjoy and never regret visiting Hilton Head Island.

The Beach

Wether is crowded or empty, playing volleyball or building sand castles; serenity won’t ever be out of town. Locals call it their own private paradise.


The Sunset

The sun must have an affair with this city and their meet point has to be the beach. It’s spectacular and beautiful, a feeling of home without the pain of being in it. It’s a must see show between 5 and 8pm.


Golf Courses

Hilton head Island is well remembered by anyone who’s being there by it’s golf courses. And how can you miss that. They’re an iconic part of the city and state. It has welcomed some of the best golfers and it won’t hesitate to welcome you.

Golf courses

LIF’s Facility 

Live In Fitness, the number one Weight Loss Retreat is located in this great city. Equipped with the state of the arts machinery and supported by a great team of experts going from trainers, life couches, nutritionists to chefs. This is the place you’ll want to be this summer if your goal is to lose weight or boost energy. Guaranty your success by leaving it on the hands of Eric Viskovicz and his team.

Lif facility

It’s People!

There’s no town without it’s great occupants. You’ve got to include this at your itinerary; a movie night in the park! This happens at the Shelter Cove Community Park every Thursday night at 9pm throughout the Summer for free! Great opportunity to meet new people and share a quality time to remember when you go back home.

Movie night

About you mom

Live In Fitness

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