For people who need to lose 20-50 pounds, tone up, gain agility,  and learn a lifestyle change.

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Your coach will be responsible for your daily calorie burn, motivation, and exercise schedules. Management and coaches will work with the nutritionist to maximize fat loss through evaluation and customization of macronutrients based on your weekly fat loss and lean sculpted muscle. Coaches will be accountable to the managers for weekly progress reports that will focus on your weight loss, body fat loss, increases in muscle mass, and flexibility. As well as your nutritional knowledge and your life plan.

Our Fitness Retreat Your 20-40 Pounds Gone

We are not a fat farm. We are a Fitness Retreat! At Live in Fitness, every one is different — fitness levels, ages, weights, and goals — you will NOT be just another member of the herd. The first thing we do is learn about you. Using our state-of-the-art onsite testing equipment we assess your current physical state. We then sit down with you and set measurable goals. Next, we develop a meal and exercise plan designed to ensure your success. A customized approach at our fitness retreat is how we achieve maximum success.

Over 200,000 lbs and Running

Our fitness retreat has helped thousands of people lose hundreds of thousands of pounds! We are no spa – we will coach you to ensure your success. We focus on the two primary seasons why people come to us.  1) To lose fat and 2) To make a lifestyle change

If your goals are different than our primary reasons, then we may not be a fit. Why? Because we refuse to let you fail. That’s why we have a fitness retreat and not just an at-home program. We’ve learned that long-term weight loss success is nearly impossible if you stay in your toxic, tempting environment. By spending weeks here at our fitness retreat with a scientific plan and caring fitness and nutrition experts, you can’t fail!

If You are Serious about Change We are Dead Serious About You

After your stay at Live in Fitness is complete, we don’t send you back out into the world with just a thinner body and some hope for the future. When you leave, you will be empowered with the tools to continue your healthy, happy lifestyle! not to mention the energy to do things you could never have imagined doing in the past. When you are finished with our fitness retreat we start you on our signature AfterCare Program.

We will succeed together! Help us help you!

5-7 Hours of Individually Paced Coached Exercise Per Day


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*Results may vary, and are not guaranteed. Every guest’s body is unique and will respond to the diet and exercise programs at Live In Fitness differently.

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