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Michael is a 24-year-old college student from Seattle Washington, majoring in Pre-med & business who first joined our Program in Long Beach In May 2019 With his brother for 3 weeks and lost 18 lbs. He did really well at home for a while. But the stress of job and life and school began to take over and the weight began to creep back on. 


I think the Live in Fitness is more conducive to my personal goals. I feel this is a more personal and tight knit community. Staff and everything are more accessible. Which helps keep me accountable.” 


Eric makes me feel totally comfortable. As an athlete, I agree with his philosophy around nutrition and training, and he makes it easy to understand and if I do have troubles or questions he is approachable and will help me get answers.  This time around, I have really listened more closely to the lectures and workshops around planning for home, and the mental aspects, as this is where I faltered before.”


“I love the meals here and the food is so good. I think my favorite meal was the Lobster. I couldn’t believe I could have such a great meal and it was healthy.”


“When I heard about the move to AZ I was expecting the program to be harder because of the heat. But the outdoor activities are done early in the morning so it doesn’t affect us as much. Especially when we’re doing my favorite activities: Football and basketball!”


“LIF has taught me so much and has prepared me for success. I know I need to eat the right things at the appropriate times. Learning how to make a plan for healthy eating and exercise is key. Before I wouldn’t plan my workouts, I would just decide to go to the gym. This wasn’t helping me stay consistent. Eric has taught me that in order to have the success I must plan for success. This is what I have learned the most.”  

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