Collectively these amazing ladies lost 18.8lbs in one week.

Congratulations to the LIFE Ladies…. Go Team Shredders

Collectively these amazing ladies lost 18.8lbs in one week.   Joyce is from the LA area and came to improve her overall health.  Already overcoming a lot she was advised by her doctor to get a knee replacement. Although the outcome may remain the same, she chose to extend her program here and push forward with modifications.  Her drive, tenacity and goal kept her in the race. Now she will be leaving with two exit strategies, one plan for recovery and a secondary for post surgery. Carol is from Indiana and prior to coming already lost 60 lbs. The goal and focus was to learn healthy life long habits.   Phyllis travelled from San Diego and her journey is about self empowerment and healthy weight loss. At Live-in-Fitness our goal for each client is to face adversity and overcome any obstacle. Only we chose to put limitations on ourselves and what we can achieve, often out of fear.  Every client has a backstory and a “Why”.  No excuses for these ladies who are amongst many but this week, we acknowledge their hard work, dedication and their results speak for themselves.  Lifestyle change is hard but when you have a good support system, motivating team and new friendships the journey is easier to travel. Eric created his Power of 4 Workbook for clients to take their experiences here day by day and step by step and these ladies chose to make a difference.

Congratulation to Amazing Ladies.