Congratulations to John for losing 7.4 lbs in a week

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Congratulations to John for losing 7.4 lbs in a week

Congratulations to John, our Client of the Week for losing 7.4 lbs in a week

Jon is from a small town called Highwood, 30 miles north of Chicago. Currently retired but was a pastor for 35 years.  The last 25 years was dedicated to pastoring a church called Rogers Park in Chicago. Two years ago he was involved in a very serious car accident which left him in intensive care for a week with fluid trapped in his chest.  His rotator cuff was torn apart so this required his tendons to be reconstructed and attached. The surgery was scheduled for 6 months later and the recovery period took about a year. During that time he was unable to exercise or do much of anything except for rehabilitate his shoulder and eat.  He loved to play with his 2 and a half-year-old granddaughter but with the lack of mobility, gain in weight, and lack of exercise; every movement came with a great deal of pain and difficulty to Jon. He was often fatigued and lacked interest and stamina in recreational activities such as swimming, playing at the park and playing gymnastics with his granddaughter.  This hit home hard with Jon as these are the special moments he looked forward to and enjoyed most and he knew it was time to change his lifestyle. He loves his children, spouses and family, and  enjoys spending time and helping where he could.  He did not want to feel a burden to them with his health issues so started his research..

He found Live-in-Fitness online and studied the program carefully.  He asked a friend who is a fitness trainer to look into the program, call them, and advise him if it was a good and suitable program for him.  Jon went on and signed up for 8 weeks.

When asked, what did you expect when coming to Live-in-Fitness? 

I expected LIFE to design a program of eating and exercise that would lead me to healthy weight loss.  I knew I would have to do the mental work and preparation for going home but I liked the fact that I didn’t have to do much thinking; meals and exercise.

How do you feel about your progress and the program so far?

I am happy so far with the weight loss and the fact that I am getting stronger and more agile.  Everything so far has worked.  I eat the food they give me, go to all the exercise classes, and attend the lectures.  I am also working through “The Power of 4” workbook.

So far, I have enjoyed everything about the program.  The food is gourmet, the instructors are kind and supportive, and the fellow clients here are fantastic.  There is a real camaraderie among the clients and the atmosphere is one of encouragement. So far it has been a very rich experience.

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