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Lost 12.5 lbs in 1 week | Laura

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Congratulations Laura- LIF’s Client of the Week who lost 12.5 lbs in 1 week at Live-in-Fitness


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Lost 12.5 lbs in 1 week at Live-in-Fitness

Laura was raised in Daytona Beach, Florida but has lived in Chattanooga TN for the last 28 years.  As well as raising a family she also had a career for 28 years in pharmaceutical sales. She noticed an initial weight gain after her children which just continued to escalate as she became older.  She lost confidence in her profession, career and herself. Her energy levels dipped a lot and she was always struggling with chronic and consistent back pain. She found solace and comfort in sweets and sugar and fitness and exercise proved to be non-existent.

Five years ago she did try to make a lifestyle change by hiring a trainer and was successful and lost 40 of the 90 lbs gained but did not work on the behavioral or emotional aspect.  She allowed the excuse of having a busy life and sheer boredom in her workouts as a reason to gain 20 lbs back. She would jump on the latest fad diet, lose 5-10 lbs but would always stop when she hit a plateau.  This time she was honest and raw with the fact that she needed help and came to the realization she did not have to do this alone. That’s when she decided to reach out and she called Live-in-Fitness. After a great and very personal consultation she decided this was the perfect place for her, it didn’t hurt that the location was also set in Sunny Southern California.

When asked about her experience at Live-in-Fitness?

I expected exactly what y’all have delivered!!!

I’m exhausted, but that’s good. I think the program is great, maybe not all the time but  I’m doing it lol, but when I’m done I’m so glad I did it. I also like that it is smack dead in the middle of all the excitement in Long Beach because it is more real life. The trainers are so motivating and the food is good and I have not been hungry since I have been here. We have to walk past restaurants and ice cream parlors and bars. The temptations are here just like in the real world so we learn to control and learn restraint.  We are not stuck out in the middle of a farm somewhere. This really is preparing me for when I go home and I am grateful that my husband has joined me on this journey. Together we are making this lifestyle change together for our family but more importantly for us.


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