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Fat loss at Camp

Congratulations to LIF’s Client of the Week Cynthia.  She shed 6.7 lbs in her first week at Live-in-Fitness.


Cynthia is from Sackets Harbor, New York and recently resigned as interim pastor so she could on herself, her well being and her happiness.  Cynthia recently transitioned her life after the end of a twenty-eight year emotional and abusive marriage. It was time for Cythia to finally rise off the couch, stop self medicating on food and to restore and empower her life once again.   Live in Fitness gave Cynthia an opportunity and the platform to reinvent herself. As Cynthia says, ‘To just be a better ME or be the BEST version of ME I can. Cynthia was also struggling over the last two years with overeating and poor nutritional choices due to two recent surgeries. Due to heavy consumption of fatty foods & carbohydrate, combined with zero exercise, Cynthia gained over 40 lbs during this period. This resulted in doctors prescribing metformin which later led to a prediabetic diagnosis.  It was time for Cynthia to make a lifestyle change instead of continuing to destroy her body.


When asked why did you choose LIFE and what were your expectations?


I was searching for a place I could lay to rest my life past worries, and doubts about my future; I wanted to start anew within a community of people who are like minded choosing to live a healthier lifestyle both in body, mind and spirit. Prayerfully, I wanted LIFE to spark that girl who loved to workout and her to look sexy and PHAT (pretty hot and tempting) lol! I expect to live again, and possibly see a version of myself that had faded and possibly long forgotten.


How do you feel about your progress so far?

I feel very good and content. The information is valuable in ALL aspects that allows me to have expectations that I can meet rather than falling into judgement of one’s opinion and/or  self-sabotage because I fell into false expectations. The classes are fun and the meals are delicious . The classes were small and interpersonal as if you were getting personal training and the meals were catered to my calorie intake that was unbelievably tasty and very fulfilling.


When asked, what do  you enjoy about the program?

I would say, everything. Why? Because it has been everything that I needed. I needed to belong to a community of people who had struggles and saw themselves overcoming challenges. LIFE gives you every opportunity to face challenges to conquer through the exercise classes, daily educational lectures and a great staff to include housekeeping, administration and the chefs. It has challenged my old way of thinking about health and what fitness looks like. I would be remiss if I did not mention the coaches. I love, love, love the attention they give to their work and commitment to see everyone reach their goal.  Live-in-Fitness is a place where all my friends should come. LIFE is Not, just a fitness retreat but a place that is STRESS FREE. This environment allows me to see and declare that, I want to be healthy, physically fit, stress free and live my best life. It is possible, LIFE is made possible.


What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?

So far, I have several people that are interested in attending and hopefully, they will join the LIFE family. It is “life” changing and LIFE will give you that recharge that you need or have been looking for.


Face your Fears and challenge yourself.  A recent trip to Manhattan Beach Sand Dunes in CA.  I came, I climbed, I conquered, I recanted.

The Sand Dune of Life, it is an uphill challenge

Keep climbing and climbing

Yes, the climb slows you down

The Sand Dune of Life, it is uphill and downhill

Keep climbing and climbing

Yes, the climb seems to weaken

The Sand Dune of Life, challenges the weak and the strong

Keep climbing and climbing

Yes, the climb has no respect of person

The Sand Dune of Life, I am a conqueror

Keep climbing and climbing

Yes, I am stronger, Now

I was weak, Then

But I Never Gave Up!

Cynthia D. Swearinger

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