Congratulations to Kristen! LIF’s Client of the Week


Kristen dropped 17 lbs in her first 2 weeks at our Fitness Retreat.

Kristen lives in New York but is of French nationality. Her career working with an international intergovernmental agency allowed her to travel extensively to places such as Paris, China, Russia, India, Brazil, the Middle East and Northern Africa. She had always been athletic and struggled with those extra 10 pounds most of my life but fell on some hard times right after moving back to the States in 2017 at age 55.

She lost her purpose in life and began binge eating as a coping mechanism, gaining over 50 pounds in two years with an overwhelming sense of shame. Her friends and family no longer recognized her and were always quick to give “constructive criticism” about how to lose weight which only made her feel worse. After six failed attempts at losing the weight she was advised by doctors of the potential risk of high cholesterol, blood pressure, pre-diabetic etc. Kristen reached a pivotal turning point when a comment was made that they needed to use photo shop to make her look better in photos. After reviewing four other centers, she signed up that very night with Live In Fitness as we were responsive, encouraging, reasonably priced and ready to welcome her as a client as soon as possible.




Has Live In Fitness met all of your Expectations?

The program is so well-rounded. It kept me accountable through exercise and healthy eating. The constant reminders to keep your focus through their LIF lectures and documentation. The coaches were not only patient and full of encouragement, but allowed a forum where you can feel comfortable asking any questions. This program has given me hope again when there were times I thought it would never happen. I am so very grateful to each coach, staff member and the chefs. Also to the support staff and my fellow campers who were so supportive and motivating.

I would absolutely recommend Live In Fitness to anyone as it truly changed my life for the better. If you need help, reach out today. Live the life you have always wanted!!!

Congratulations from all of the LIF Team, Kristen!

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