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Coaching and structure

We understand you might be in dire need of serious weight loss or might need to take off a few unwanted pounds. Either way, we’re going to treat you like a professional athlete! Do not be scared! You will have the best of everything. State-of-the-art equipment, world class trainers, and a fitness program designed specifically to your needs, abilities, and goals. We do 5-7 hours of paced coaching and exercise a day!


At our Fitness retreat we know having the right coach and training program is an essential part of physical fitness. Everyone has different needs, and our coaches are trained to work with you as an individual. They will motivate you to push you to your limit while encouraging you to keep going, even when your training is very challenging. Our coaches care about making sure you meet your goals and will provide you with effective training programs that will help you enjoy getting into shape. Eric’s philosophy is “no client gets left behind” and our coaches ensure that this is the case. At our fitness retreat is where Science meets Caring.




At Live In Fitness we customize your workout schedules for your unique needs. During every hour of the day there will be coaching and training sessions for a variety of fitness levels, so we can assign you to a workout that will work for you. You never have to be worried about a class that will push you too hard or being stuck in an activity that is below your fitness level. Instead, you have a customized schedule that will work for you.


Learning how your body works is one of the most important parts of getting into shape and meeting your goals. We offer a wide variety of workshops and lectures that teach you how your body works, explains the basics of nutrition, and helps you understand the science of healthy living. You can use this knowledge when you go back to your regular life, so that you can continue to make healthy living choices.

Coached Approach

Your personal coach will be in charge of your schedule and pushing you to your correct pace/level. They will understand your needs and help keep you motivated on what you need to do to meet your goals. Your coach will customize training to push you to work out harder than you may have thought possible at the appropriate level, and be there for you when you hit a wall and need encouragement to keep going. Additional one-on-one personal training can be purchased to go over additional problem areas like stretching, mobility, muscle growth, posture correction, and motivation sessions.

group coached training

Human beings are social animals, which is why it is harder to get into shape with one-on-one training alone.  Our group training sessions help you work out in a fun, social atmosphere where everyone encourages each other to be all that they can be.  Yet, even in group classes, the coaches will keep track of everyone in the group and be available to offer one-on-one encouragement, support and advice when needed.  At Live In Fitness, “no client gets left behind”!

your coach will push you
your coach will encourage you
your coach will teach you
your coach will get results
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a good coach does not just change your weight, they change your life!

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