Live In Fitness Success Story & Client of the Week: Jermaine!


Jermaine currently resides in San Bernardino, California and is married to his beautiful wife Myeshia and is the father of three young children. He works in community relations as a Resources Coordinator.

Eric Viskovicz built this company, Live In Fitness, from his passion and strong beliefs in being able to help others by providing the education, foundation and the support for each to live a healthier lifestyle.  The clients are the true testament of a successful program and by sharing their story! They may be an inspiration for others to get up and do the same, as was the case withJermaine.


In early April Jermaine was to receive a routine outpatient procedure, but the anesthesiologist refused to put him under. They said the condition of his heart and his weight made her fear that he would not wake up.  He then went to his cardiologist who in turn told him there was nothing more they can do to help him and that he should make sure he had his final wishes in order. Jermainewas devastated and almost immediately started to have a psychological breakdown. His wife started researching weight loss facilities and found Live In Fitness.  There they discovered the success story of a previous client who had lost over 300 lbs, Jermaine Gause. They not only shared the same name but have a similar life journey!  His story and the amazing success he had at LIF compelled him to come.  Jermaine chose to come to Live In Fitness because to him this was his last hope. Being out in public with his family and trying to physically play with his young kids was always a struggle. Jermainealso has congestive heart failure, which makes the simplest of things very hard to do. He grew up always being the jokester to compensate for his size.  Laughing with him was easier than laughing at him.


On arrival to Live In Fitness Jermaine was still in poor health, but mentally he was ready. Not only did he have the support of his friends and family, but also from his church & community, and now he would be working with the professional Team at LIFE!


In 4 weeks Jermaine lost a total of 50 lbs and 30 inches!! On returning home has a check up with his physician to adjust his medications. One ofJermaine’s goals was be tested in our hydrostatic dunk tank.  We were unable to perform this test on Day 1 due to size, mobility, and flexibility, but Jermainewas able to check that box on his exit day after all his hard work.



When asked what he thought of the LIFE program:

“So far it’s been amazing. I’ve been able to do things here in a few weeks that I have not been able to do in years.  Whenever I have questions about what to expect, or what to do when I’m feeling a certain way, there is an answer or a pathway to get the answer. The constant support from the staff and team was unparalleled. The classes are universal, as a large person with very low exercise tolerance and limited mobility, there is always something that I can do. I feel program lectures, being able to learn and understand the science behind the nutrition, have been the thing that has allowed me to see my potential success. Real fresh food, correct portion sizes, and meals that are delicious to eat.”

Jermaine’s new goal is to lose the weight naturally.  Before he came here he would constantly think about death. Now he has a renewed hope for life!


When asked what advice he would give others contemplating coming to Live In Fitness, Jermaine said this: “You deserve the best chance at LIFE.  ‘Do it for yourself’ and ‘Do it now’!   As long as there is breath in your body you have the ability to re-create your life.”


Truly An Inspiration!

Congratulations Jermaine on your success at Live-in-Fitness!!  Be proud of what you have achieved here and more importantly what you have learned. Success for you is continuing this journey.  Set attainable goals and keep holding yourself accountable.

From all of the ‘LIFE TEAM’


Ben has kept true to his personal goal and has lost over 60 lbs in 6 weeks!! He is determined to hit that 100 lb marker before leaving the Live In Fitness program.


Ben chose to come to Live In Fitness for a few reasons. First and foremost, his cousin attended the LIF program several years ago and was very satisfied with her experience and results. Her personal account and testimonial was a deciding factor for Ben. He also read the positive testimonials online that gave acknowledgement and praise to Eric Viskovicz, for his philosophy and understanding of how to truly adopt a healthy lifestyle change through the unique program he has created. For Ben not only was the program affordable, but also there were no claims to it being a ‘spa’. Instead the intent and focus was learning the tools to make each individual successful in their quest for health. It was important to Ben to eat healthy meals and learn as much as he could about nutrition. Decision made! Ben knew this would be his home for the next 10 weeks..


Ben came from an athletic background. Loved skiing with his family, playing basketball, and played hockey from a very young age right into his mid-teens. Following a shoulder injury playing hockey, he started to notice the gradual weight gain. This weight really started to affect his lifestyle in a variety of ways. Simple tasks, such as putting on socks, getting out of bed in the morning, and walking up a single flight of stairs became taxing. This was a concern and Ben saw this as a path that would not end well. It was time for a big change.


What have you enjoyed about the LIFE Program?

I love everything the program has offered me! Lectures are daily and these lectures have taught me so much. The staff are all FANTASTIC people who I am really going to miss when I return home. I love the clients too! I’ve met some of the best people here. Being around motivating individuals – both clients and staff – has been the best part of this program. The exercise classes have been great too! I really cannot express how lucky I am to have attended this camp.

My outlook on life has become more optimistic since I first entered this program. I’ve learned so much about myself. The most important lesson I will be taking with me is that hard work can bestow upon you a joy and inner peace that few other things do. I am proud of the work I have put in and I will be bringing this ethic home with me not just in the way of staying active, but in my educational pursuits, and in business as well.


What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?

Long Beach is a wonderful location for a program like this, and it has been a blessing for me to be here, so I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to get healthier and spend some time working on themselves! If you want results, do NOT skip classes!! Follow what the instructors say – each is very qualified and they are there to help you. They are also very empathetic by the nature of the business they do, so please feel comfortable in seeking any of them out. Getting to know the trainers here has been one of my favorite aspects of being here at Live In Fitness. If you want to be fed delicious food, be surrounded by motivating and knowledgeable individuals, and see real results, this is the place for you!


Keep up the great work Ben! Your determination and dedication each week does not go unnoticed and is so infectious in a positive way.. You are a great example of why Eric Viskovicz created this LIF program and why he has dedicated his career to mentoring, coaching, and helping others in any capacity he can.


Congratulations from all of the LIF TEAM & a special ‘Shout Out’ from your Coach Zach!

Congratulations on being chosen as LIFE’s “Client of the Week”!
Veronica – Team Miranda – “The Shredders”


Tell us a little about your backstory and what ultimately made you decide to come to Live-in Fitness?
I spent 6 years in University getting my bachelors of science in marine biology. I never took a semester off, including summer and winter semesters. I was focusing and stressing over school so much that I inevitably gained weight. Some neighbors of my parents told my parents about Live In Fitness and they asked if I would be interested in going. I agreed because eating healthy and working out all day while in sunny California sounded like an amazing time.

Where are you from?
North Houston, Texas

What is your career?
I don’t have one right now. I graduated with my BS in December and I will be starting my masters program this July in New Zealand. I will be getting my masters in marine conservation.

When did you notice a weight pattern or change if it applies?
I have always been chubby. My weight was increasing steadily for years. It wasn’t until a year ago that the scale read 200.

How did it make you feel/or affect your lifestyle?
Seeing that number on the scale was mortifying. But it was during one of my most difficult semesters and I couldn’t focus on weight loss like I wanted to.

What were your biggest struggles?
I struggled with eating. I always made time for exercise. My cardio was decent and I loved lifting weights. But I would never eat at the right times or the right amount.

Why did you choose LIFE?
My parents neighbors went to the Hilton Head location and had great results. They recommended it to my parents who then made the arrangements for me to come here.

How do you feel about your progress so far?
My progress has been incredible. I am so much thinner and stronger than when I got here. My mental state is so much better too. It really is all mental.

What so far about the program has worked for you?
Personal training has been my greatest tool. Learning how to run more efficiently has helped in all areas. Diet is definitely the most important part of weight loss and the chefs have insured my meals are perfect so that I can reach my goals.

What did you enjoy about the program? classes? lectures? staff? clients?
The program has achieved the perfect algorithm to help almost anybody lose weight. The classes are fun and allow me to push myself even harder. The lectures equip us with the knowledge to continue to lose weight once we’re at home. The trainers are fantastic and very knowledgeable. The chefs are kind and accommodating. The housekeeping manager, Lorena, is hard working and attentive. I have surrounded myself with only positive friends.

How has this changed your outlook on Life?
I feel confident that I will continues to lose weight and keep it off on my own. I have asked all the questions I could, learned new techniques to keep my workouts working and bust through any plateaus I might hit. I will keep this up for my health because I want to have a long life.

What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?
You have to be in the right mind frame before coming here. Know that this program will only work if you have an open mind and a drive to do your best. There may be setbacks, but you have to be smart about how you will overcome them. There are people here that want to see you succeed and they will give you a push in the right direction. Trust them. Trust the process. Listen to your body. You will be surprised at what it can do.

What advise would you give to others? Quote? Statement? Motivation
Quit slackin’ and make it happen!



Amy is from Texas and chose a career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). She is currently the Chief CRNA of the anesthesia group for Labor & Delivery at Midland Memorial Hospital, Midland.


This is Amy’s third returned visit to Live-in-Fitness.  Her first visit was in January 2012 at our Marina Del Rey location.  She had always been athletic but over time had gained 20lbs and knew she needed to change her environment and reset. She chose to return to Live-in-Fitness.  Live-in Fitness re-educated her on good dietary habits and a renewed enjoyment for working out. She continued this at home and dropped 30 lbs total. She returned in February 2014 to Hilton Head as a refresher. Her 3rd visit was to our current location in Long Beach.  2016 came with a change in lifestyle and was when Amy started noticing her weight gain.


She became disappointed in herself that she had herself go. She knew she could do better and didn’t want to end up “settling” with excuses such as “it’s just my age, we get slower and gain when we get older” or “it’s not “that” bad, just a few extra pounds”. She is not an “excuse” type of person. She was always about accountability and was disappointed that she was no longer being accountable and needed to fix that. She had lost her energy and drive to workout and realized the only way to get back on track was to change her environment and she decided to return to LIFE.


When asked ‘Why did you chose to return to Live-in-Fitness?


It is truly a great example of how good nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. With the testing that is involved we get an awesome education on heart rate zones and body composition. The nutrition side shows us how “much” to eat and in what balance for our bodies. Once one understands how the two feed off of each other it’s really quite simple to develop good habits to take home and continue on to a healthy lifestyle. The eating part is not a “diet”. We learn we can eat anything but everything we eat is a choice. Live-in-Fitness allowed me to hit the “reset” button. Getting back on track with what I know to do but could not do on my own in my “comfortable” environment. I think this program is Awesome! I take this program seriously. I know if I put in the time and follow the program the results will be obvious. I have lost in just two weeks 6.7 lbs of fat and have gained 1 lb lean mass. I look and feel better and am well on my way to my goal of 18lbs. I have a renewed education in nutrition and nutritional balance along with renewed energy and drive to continue exercising. I also know my “numbers” RMR, VO2 Max, body composition and heart rate zones. I have the education to take what I have accomplished at LIFE and continue on once home. It’s all very clear again.


When asked what did you enjoy most about the program?


The simple answer “all of it”. However more specifically I would say first and foremost the staff and the positivity that surrounds them. The coaches are truly interested in our success. To work with as many people as they do and the diversity of personalities, they stay positive and upbeat. People come to LIFE for different reasons and I feel the coaches have the knowledge and desire to find out what motivates each of us and works to help us get back into a healthy lifestyle. The lectures are very informative from dietary, posture, life coaching and goal planning. Makes one think of the future and how to take LIFE home. The classes are awesome and each day is different. Never gets monotonous because there are so many choices to fit each person’s level. From the first time I attended I knew I had landed on something good and educational. LIFE gives us the life tools we need. The key is for each client to grab hold and take it home. What I hear from other clients is the positivity and “want” to continue the great lessons learned at LIFE. It’s a great program.


When asked what advice would you give to others thinking about attending Live-in Fitness?


I have actually had two people in the past come to LIFE from the positivity and excitement I have stated about the program. Many people want to get out of the rut they are in but in reality very few can do it on their own. I couldn’t. I tell them if they are truly interested in their future and the health of their future, LIFE is the place to start. Again it is a reset button. Gets one out of their element and focused on just himself. LIFE gives one the nutritional and physical tools along with a boost of accomplishment when you see how the two together actually work to get and stay healthy. I tell them “it works”. It’s a positive place.  The staff is knowledgeable, the food is great and the people are all there because they want the same thing you do, a healthy, positive future.


Her advice to clients would be ‘Stick with the program. Don’t cheat. Trust the numbers. You get out of it what you put in so work hard. Once you start seeing the results the motivation increases to stay the course. Before long it becomes your new happy, healthy lifestyle. LIFE is good.


Congratulations Amy!  With each visit to LIFE you have been an inspiration to all around you.  Each day you stay focused, energised, motivated and ready to work. You are the reason we continue to do what we do each and every day.  Striving to make that change.


Proud to have been your Coach- Coach Caleb “The Beach Bodies”


Ricotta and Blueberry Pancakes

Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 10-12 minutes     Ready in: 25 minutes

Yields: 8-10 pancakes


2 cups water

1/3 cup Splenda

1/3 cup honey

1 ½ teaspoon Vanilla extract

2 cups Aunt Jemina Pancake Mix

1 cup Part Skim Ricotta Cheese

2/3 cup Frozen Blueberries


Follow directions on Aunt Jemina Pancake mix

1/3 cup water and sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat until the sugar dissolves about 5 minutes.

Set aside and keep the honey syrup warm.

Using a rubber spatula, stir in the remaining 1 2/3 cup water and vanilla in a large mixing bowl. Add the pancake mix and stir just until lumpy. Stir in the ricotta into the pancake mixture, then stir gently to incorporate the ricotta but maintain a lumpy batter. Fold in the blueberries.

Heat the griddle over medium heat. Spoon ¼ cup of batter onto the griddle for each pancake. Cook until golden brown, about 3 minutes per side.  Serve with honey syrup.

Nutrition Facts: 

Serving Size: 2 2.5 X 2.5 pancake

Calories: 314

Total Fat: 12.3g

Saturated Fat: 2g

Protein: 25.2g

Carbohydrates: 26g

Calcium: 3%

Cholesterol: 108mg

Sodium: 223mg

Sugar: 3.1g