Benefits of Meal Planning

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Benefits of Meal Planning 

Finding ways to save on a tight budget is a must for most of us. There are lots of ways to accomplish this but today we’re going to focus on cheap and healthy meal planning. At our Fitness Camp we make sure to help everyone transition easily to ensure they don’t fall back on any bad eating habits. Meal planning is definitely a great way to keep up with eating healthier. We usually eat unhealthy food when we are tired, hungry and want something thats fast and inexpensive. Planning out your meals will help give you no excuse. Here are 5 ways to make sure you can eat well on a budget.

1. Take advantage of sales and coupons

Every store puts out flyers with their weekly sales and coupons. There are lots of healthy options in you look closely. Picking out the best deals before you go to the store is a great start to saving money.

2. Do recipe research

Find exactly what you want to cook for the least amount of money. Go in knowing what you need and how much it costs. That way you’ll be in for very few surprises. There are food search engines that you can put in certain ingredients and it will tell you what recipes you can make with them. It’s very helpful when you can only afford a few ingredients.

3.Create a meal plan

Making a weekly meal plan can help big time. Knowing exactly what you’re eating each day of the week helps you measure exactly how much you’re spending every week on food. It also helps prevent you from random trips to the grocery store or eating out constantly.

4. Don’t eat out so much

If you have a good healthy meal plan eating out isn’t going to be nearly as appealing. You’ll spend much less and eat much better. With your meal plan you can plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can take your meals to work and save tons on daily lunch grabs from sandwich shops, etc.

5. When you go shopping stick to your list

Stick to your list at the store. You made the meal plan to help you pick what foods you’d need for the week in order to save money. If you venture off that list it defeats the whole purpose of what you’re doing. Eat before you go to the store and it will make this much easier. Stick to the list and only get the foods you decided on before hand.

Meal planning is one of many ways to help you save money and stay healthy. Fast food may be cheap but it’s not just about being cheap. These steps should help you get the best of both worlds.

Check back for more tips on how to stay fit and healthy on a budget.

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