Baby Boomer Weight Loss. “It’s Possible!”

baby boomer weight loss

Client of the Week


Nancy is a 68-year-old lifelong adventurer, has worked in marketing communications, has traveled the globe, and actively volunteers in her free time.  She has lived an amazing purposeful life but had put on weight after divorce and after trying a lot of different diets, knew she needed to do something different.  She first joined Live in Fitness in 2019 at our Long Beach, CA location, and enjoyed the program there, but due to family issues, she had to cut her stay short. She had done really well in the program, but when she went home she had a lot of distractions as family members were getting sick, and she just couldn’t keep up the momentum she had felt while in the program……so she started feeling stuck and was ready to give up, as with COVID shutting everything down, she had nowhere to go.  She was thrilled when Live In Fitness reopened in Arizona, as she knew now that things would get better, and she immediately signed up to come back.  


  • How did you find out about Live-in-Fitness and first meet Eric?   

“I was looking for a place where i could find a residential facility that wasn’t a spa. I researched live-in fitness and actually, a friend had mentioned that it was a wonderful place.”


  • Where are you from? 

“San Francisco.”


  • What is your career? 

Marketing Communications and purposeful volunteer”


  • When did you notice a weight pattern or change if it applies?

 “After getting divorced I started yo-yo-ing.” 


  • How did gaining weight make you feel/or affect your lifestyle? 

“At 60 years old, this was not what I had planned for my life. I kept trying different diets, and none of them stuck. I felt like I was living in the past, and wasn’t able to set new goals and dreams for myself. It became a mental struggle. I felt like giving up, as I just wanted to get back to a point where life was meaningful again, and Live In Fitness is teaching me to take back control.”


  • What were your biggest struggles?

“Eating Right, getting motivated to exercise, and understanding that both were tied to my emotional and physical health. Re-aligning that I needed to work on my mental and not just physical.”


  •  What did you expect when coming here to Live In Fitness? then & now? 

“The First time I attended in 2019, I just came for a quick trip as I wanted to see what it was and if it was good for me & would help me to make changes. The second time, COVID created a situation where I couldn’t do the things that I had planned, and I slowly fell into really bad habits, depression, anxiety, and family problems.  I was ready to break this cycle once and for all, and knew I needed to make a longer commitment to myself to really make a lifestyle change.”


  • How do you feel about your progress so far this time?  What is your ultimate fitness goal? 

“I love my progress and feel really, thrilled. I understand this is a work in progress. I’ve increased my flexibility and strength, and that’s hard to do in just a month.  I can now do the simple things that were a struggle, like putting my socks on and lifting my hands above my head.  Live In Fitness is preparing me for the rest of my life, and I plan to keep coming back. This is not a cure, it’s a lifestyle.”


  • What so far about the program has worked for you? 

“The hikes and watching the beautiful sunrise in the morning are pure joy.  I love the pool workouts, and weight lifting has become enjoyable again. I forgot how much I enjoyed it in the past. The kayaking trip was simply amazing.”


  • What is your opinion on Eric Viskovicz’s philosophies and approach to fitness and coaching? 

“I agree completely with Eric’s philosophy that balance is critical. These fad diets that are the complete opposite are detrimental to your actual health and impossible to maintain.  The philosophy here is so beautifully simple and makes complete sense.  Eric is what I look for in a coach, as he pays attention to me as an individual and pushes me to go beyond what I think I can do.”


  • How has having Eric Viskovicz as a mentor enriched your life?- strengths and weaknesses, likes, and dislikes? 

“Having Eric as a mentor has made all the difference.  He is the heart and soul of this company.  He’s intense and gifted in talking to people. He’s kind and empathetic but he also pushes you.  During my stay at the Long Beach, CA location, I didn’t get to work with Eric as much as he was running a larger program with 40-50 guests, but at the location here in Arizona, it’s a more intimate retreat, and he is here a lot, and it really is night and day what he brings to the program. I love his great sense of humor too.”


  • What did you enjoy about the program? classes? lectures? staff? clients?  

“I have a lot to say about this, it’s hard to pinpoint one thing that I enjoyed the most, but here goes…..I’ll start with the structure of the program, as this was so important for me.  The gift of having someone show me what I need to do, having the meals served to me when my body needed them…I didn’t have to figure it out on my own, and I could trust that the staff was doing everything that they could to help me to get to my goals

The attitude of the owner, Eric Viskovicz, and the whole staff is what I enjoyed the most. Everyone here is so positive.  The logic of the program is so easy to understand and based on science, so it makes so much sense, and the aftercare program, Fit Club TV, is so unique and amazing and has everything I need to succeed while at home. It’s all in one and so informative.

I also have to point out that Live In Fitness is a family-owned business and it shows. The professionalism is top-notch. As it should. But having Eric’s family involved, and seeing how loving they are with each other, all carry over to us, the clients, so that we all feel like family here. Everyone wants the best for us.”


  • Favorite Class? 

“The hiking of course.”


  • What have been your favorite chef dishes? 

“The noodles dish and the breakfasts are amazing.”


  • What advice would you give others contemplating attending the Live In Fitness program? 

“Don’t wait. It’s your life, you are saving.  Give yourself a gift and just do it.  It’s going to be hard. But at the end of the day, you are going to be happy with yourself.  Money well spent.” 


  • What advice would you give to others? Quote? Statement? Motivation?

“You don’t need to figure it out, just go.  It will all work out when you get here.”



Nancy lost 8lbs in one week!.  Nancy has been the picture of positivity while attending Live In Fitness. Nothing is going to stop her from succeeding with her new lifestyle.  With her wonderful heart and spirit, we know she will be on to her next big adventure with a new body that will get her to where she wants to be, and with the confidence again that she knows she can do it.

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