Man Loses 18Lbs in ONE WEEK!

MAN LOSES 18 POUNDS IN A WEEK! James Ferguson, 33, from Boston, Massachusetts, set foot in Live in Fitness on August 14th. In a span of a week, James lost a total of 18 pounds. What a substantial amount! These are the kinds of results we strive to push people towards. It might not be […]

Man Loses 14 Pounds in ONE WEEK!

I’d like to introduce to you James M., an IT Consultant from British Columbia, Canada. This gentleman came to Live in Fitness on August 14th, 2023. In a week, James lost a total of 14.35 pounds. James great work ethic has gotten him those well-earned results. But with those who come and go between our […]

Rusty Loses 13lbs in HIS FIRST WEEK!

Man loses 13 pounds his first week! Russell (Rusty) hails from Ead, Tennessee. He is a pilot at heart but due to his life-changing circumstances, is on disability, with the possibility of returning. Rusty came to Live in Fitness on a mission, though. He has lost 13 pounds his first week! This hard-working machine has […]

Full Time Student Reaches the UNTHINKABLE!

Young woman loses 5 pounds and loses 1.44% in body fat in one week!!   What another great week at Live in Fitness! Shyann Summers, an 18-year-old young woman joined us last week on August 7th. As a full time student and a native to the Phoenix area, she has given herself two weeks to […]

“you will leave with new friends, new life, and new momentum

Jennifer is a 50-year-old business/management consultant who lives in Maryland. Jennifer discovered Live in Fitness, this results-based program from an online search. “In 2021, I was considering a fit camp. I got busy with travel and life, and I was like, dangit, I need to do it this year. I needed a jumpstart. I researched […]

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