The Lunge-The Exercise You Love to Hate


You know that one girl (and everybody knows at least one) who is beautiful, smart and can do pretty much anything? The lunge is kind of like that… Exercise You Love to hate it. I don’t know if I would say a lunge is beautiful or smart necessarily, but it can do pretty much anything […]

Can You Really Lose Weight in 2 Weeks?

Can You Really Lose Weight in 2 Weeks? - Live in fitness

Lose Weight Steadily – In The First 2 Weeks  Six months ago, your high school friend asked you to be in her wedding. Three months ago, you tried on dresses and ordered a size that was quite snug because you KNEW you were going to lose enough weight for it to fit perfectly. Now […]

5 Secrets to Getting the Weight Off NOW!

Unlocking secret of weight loss - Live in fitness

You don’t understand: you do Crossfit every other day, go to the gym for a few rounds of weight lifting, play a mean badminton over the weekend and hike for hours, but you still aren’t shedding the pounds. How could that be? Well, you may want to consider these five likely reasons: Your Weight Fluctuates […]

I Found the Fountain of Youth!

I Found the Fountain of Youth! - Live in fitness

Fountain of Youth – Fitness Retreat I have always used canola and/or extra virgin olive oil for cooking. I’d never even heard of coconut oil. Suddenly, it’s everywhere and I had to find out what I was missing. Who knew? Back in the 70s, propaganda spread by the corn and soy industries was rampant. Supposedly, […]

Men Get Their Sexy Back With Fitness

Men Get Their Sexy Back With Fitness - Live in fitness

To live a healthy life, men have specific needs. Nutrition and fitness play a huge role in long, energetic lives, including sex lives. Live in Fitness wants to assist you in minimizing your health risks and maximizing your fun by giving you some pointers about what you can do to improve your health. Some health […]

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