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fitclub TV

FitClub TV is a direct extension of the signature program of Live in Fitness. Upon completetion of your stay you will recieve free access to FitClubTV for 3 months. 

FitClubTV includeds a 30 day program for personal weightloss or for athletes looking to increase lean mass. Included in your 30 day program are over 100+ workout videos, a 30 day nutrtion and meal plan accompanied by nutrition videos a cook-alongs with our prestegious chefs, and life coaching and motivation workshops to keep your mind on track during your journey!  

30 day program

FitClub TV is an app and web based program personalized to fit all fitness goals from weight loss to muscle building. A direct extension of our prgram here at live in fitness, We have seen thousands of customers lose hundereds of thousands of pounds. We provide a 30 day program for you to do at home to keep your goals on track after leaving us at Live in Fitness

massive video library

FitClubTV includes an entire Video library complete with videos on Workouts, Nutrition, Behavior, Yoga, Cardio, Cook Alongs. and Motivation. Cast these videos straight to your TV and workout from home, or take it with you on the go using the app itself.

delicious meal plans

Over the past 25 years we have been mastering our meal plan to maximize fat loss and increase lean mass in. Our meal plan has been used by multiple stars, athletes, sports teams, and celebrities. Our process has been so successful when it comes to getting people to lose weight because the science works! Our clients have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds over our many successful years at Live in Fitness.

life coaching

Eric Viskovicz has designed a signature behavior and life coaching series that changes how you feel on the inside matches the new you on the outside. It’s complete with a comprehensive workbook that asks all the questions that are paramount to developing a behavior program that makes sure your mind stays just as fit as your body. It’s second to none when it comes to mental fitness and fortitude!

macro tracking

Our prestigious calorie tracker or macro tracker is one of the best ever made. Track every macronutrient down to the very last gram of protein to make sure you are getting nutrition and macros you need to stay in the zone of homeostasis.

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