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Ben lost 8 pounds in 1 week at our adult fitness retreat. But it is apparent, that he is taking the steps necessary to change his life!


Ben, a student from Maryland, is taking the semester off to lose weight, get mentally strong, and really learn how to work out and enjoy it.  Ben initially told us that he needed to come here, to lose weight, and to be more confident.  Now that he has been here at adult fitness camp retreat for a couple of weeks, he has found that he needs more focus on a few of the behavioral tools that live-in fitness provides so that he can improve his mental health as well as his physical health, and he has also learned that he absolutely loves the sports here at live-in fitness!

“On day 5 I began to feel a change in my body and my joints felt much better. My biggest struggle has been my mental toughness. I was giving up even when I knew I could do a little more,” Ben Said.  With the help of Eric Viskovicz and the Live In Fitness team, he is learning that he is stronger than he thinks.  When asked how he feels about the environment & living here for 8 weeks, he said, “I thought I was going to be miserable here.  I was surprised at how caring and happy the environment is,” and he went on to say, ” I am on my 3rd week, and I can already see the changes in my face and body. I look better now and am more excited about wearing colorful clothes instead of all black!”

When asked about the activities and food, he said, “I like the variety of cardio and love the sports, and I have to admit, I am so surprised at how good the food really is.  It’s awesome,” he went on to say that, ” my favorites are the pizza, tacos, and the poke bowl!”

Eric and live in fitness will get you the results that you are looking for. The staff here is dedicated to our success. When asked about working with Eric, he said, “He pushes you and expects the best. It gets me going harder when he is coaching us, and the lectures and workshops really help me understand some of the issues I am having.”   When asked what advice he would give others contemplating attending the program, he said, “If you come here and give it your all, you will succeed. Don’t Give in to the bad habits and temptation. Be open and willing to LEARN!!”

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