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We Do Christmas Sweaters…Just Not Ugly Ones

If you’re looking for a hideous, overly decorated garment for an upcoming party, don’t look to Live in Fitness™—we would never try to sew a big fuzzy white beard onto a huge embroidered Santa Claus. And we don’t know the first thing about how to stitch a felt elf hat onto a thick sweater…much less affix a jingle bell to the aforementioned hat. Why? Because we don’t make ugly sweaters—we make great looking ones.

What makes our Christmas sweaters so great? Well, we start with just about anything…obese, old, young, a little overweight and needing to lose a few pounds…all work. Then we test the material and figure out how are we going to make this sweater look great. Then we get to work crafting the best looking sweater we can make.

The first thing we need to have a great looking sweater is sweat…a combination of yours and ours. Without that, we might as well try to put make a red nose out of a ball of yarn. Once we have that, we provide the craftsmanship…the know-how, attention to detail and the love necessary to shape you into the best looking, best feeling you that you can possibly imagine.

After you’ve sweated and lost all the weight you wanted to lose, you’ll be one of our great looking sweaters. You’ll probably feel like you’ve received a Christmas miracle, but we can’t honestly say it’s a miracle, because everything we do is scientifically based and proven…and because we’ve done it for so long and for so many people. Either way you want to classify it, miracle or not, we guarantee you one thing: A wonderful life.

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