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5 Ways To Come Out Your Weight-Loss Rut



5 Ways to Come Out of Your Weight-Loss Rut

It seems like you’ve hit your stride. Pounds are dropping, inches shrinking and you have that near perfect outfit for the grand occasion in sight. All of a sudden, it stops! You hit a weight-loss rut. The high of accomplishment and the gratification that comes with the scale numbers falling are getting harder and harder to achieve each week. The weight loss industry calls it “plateau,” because now the body has adjusted to your current weight-loss techniques, but you just call it “motivation killer.”
There is hope. Hitting a weight-loss plateau is common, so you’ll need a few tricks that you can do to jumpstart your progress and overcome those final weight barriers for good.
Don’t worry. We have some for you!
1. Change Your Routine
As I stated before, your body has adjusted to the diet and exercise plan that you’ve been doing and now knows what to expect. You have to develop a new plan and not let your body get used to one routine. Run if you walk; add weights to your cardio. Consistency with variety is key.
2. Eat More Protein
Adding additional protein to your diet is very important, especially if you’ve already cut your carb count. Adding protein will create stronger muscles, help your body burn fat and cut the number of calories your body intakes.
3. Add Weights
Weight lifting is great for burning twice as much fat as well as toning the muscle. Though you might think it will bulk you up. It will take a lot of weight lifting training to get to that point.
4. Take Up a Sport
Sometimes the gym can burn you out mentally and physically. Adding a sport like swimming, basketball, tennis and even golf can help you lose weight faster and stimulate you brain by learning something new.
5. Eat More
I know it took forever to get to eating three meals a day consistently, but you need to take breakfast, lunch and dinner a step higher with six small meals a day. They could be snacks, but it keeps your metabolism moving and will carry your throughout the day and burn more calories.
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