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5 Reasons To Lose Weight This Winter!

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We are in the middle of winter and you might be wondering when you should start shedding that holiday weight. Conventional wisdom would say that the best time to lose weight is in the summer. The warm air and sunshine just make it easier to get up and go! Plus, wintertime tends to encourage people to overeat and sit around. However, there are many reasons why you should conquer old man winter with exercise and a healthy diet. Here are some of the reasons winter time should be weight loss time:

Prepare for Summer

In summer, the heat is on and most activities tend to reveal more skin. You’ve heard of the coveted beach body but what a lot of people don’t realize is that the glamorous summer body is forged in the dead of winter. By the time summer rolls around, it’s already time for the big reveal and too late to start shedding pounds before bikini season. It’s better to work on your figure behind the curtain of a winter coat so that you’re ready for the summer show time.

Fight Seasonal Weight Gain

Winter is the time of the year people tend to gain the most weight. It’s harder to get out from under the blankets and step into the cold. It’s easier to escape the gray weather by eating snacks and watching movies by the fire. Plus, the parade of fine and fatty foods brought on by the winter holidays makes it hard to resist putting on a few pounds.

However, those are the exact reasons you should set winter weight loss goals. If your goal is to lose weight in the winter, it can help you also avoid seasonal weight gain.

Improve Your Mood

Winter has been known to leave some people feeling under the weather, literally. The shorter days, colder air and cloudy afternoons can have a negative effect on your mood. Some even experience what’s called, seasonal affective disorder which is theoretically caused by a number of potential factors like less serotonin-producing sunlight or hormonal shifts.

However, getting in a little workout time every day and eating healthy food can go a long way in improving your mood.

Cold Can Help the Cause

Here’s an example of how weight loss efforts don’t just help avoid the negative effects of winter; instead, winter actually helps you. Studies show that being mildly cold can increase the rate of energy burn. If it’s a little chilly outside, a run might be more effective than if the weather is temperate.

Some scientists even suggest that shivering for 15 minutes can actually mimic an hour workout in terms of irisin production. Irisin is a hormone that causes white, energy-storing fat to turn into brown, energy-burning fat.

You’re not Alone

Because of New Year’s resolutions, people are hitting the gym in droves. If you are looking for a workout buddy to help keep you accountable, there is a good chance that someone is starting to set the same goals as you.

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