5 Easy Alternatives to Lower Cholesterol!


5 Easy alternatives to lower cholesterol!

Smart food choices are key to lowering your cholesterol and risk of heart disease. A healthy diet can do wonders for lowering cholesterol with or without additional medications. Though genetics play a large role there’s plenty you can achieve by healthy food choices. Sometimes the transition can be a tough one. But we have you covered with 5 easy alternatives to make it a little easier.

1. Nuts instead of croutons in salad.

Croutons are high in carbs and unhealthy fats.  Nuts, especially walnuts, are an excellent alternative. Studies have proven when nuts are added to a persons daily diet their cholesterol levels lower significantly. Walnuts are rich with polyunsaturated fatty acids, making them a particularly healthy choice.

2. Dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.

Dark chocolate contains oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat. A much healthier fat than saturated fat. Milk chocolate is loaded with saturated fats so dark chocolate is a much better choice when possible.

3. Hummus as opposed to french onion dip.

More saturated fats. Chips are notorious for being bad for you
and french onion dip is their equally unhealthy counter part.Hummus is great for your heart. Its made from healthy olive oil and chickpeas giving it lots of protein and fiber. As for chips stick to pita. Much better alternative.

4. Canadian bacon instead of regular bacon.

3 oz of Canadian bacon contain 5g of fat. 1 oz of regular bacon contains 12g of fat! Need we say more? The choice is clear. Stick to Canadian bacon and you’re avoiding loads of unhealthy fats every breakfast.

5. English muffins rather than croissants.

Fiber rich English muffins are delicious and and great for your heart. Unfortunately, croissants, as tasty as they are, aren’t so healthy. Loads of butter and flour make croissants terrible for your cholesterol. Your heart will be thanking you for the break after this switch.

Making even a few of these changes can greatly improve your health and lower your cholesterol. These are just a few of the healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods we all eat daily. Make the change! Live in fitness!

Below is a video with a few tips and tricks for dinning out, from our nutrition specialist Jen.

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