Client of The Week – Fou!


 In 8 Weeks Fou Lost 72 pounds!

Congratulations on being Client of the Week!  


Fou is a 24-year-old College student from Arizona. Fou has struggled with his weight since the 8th grade. He has always been the bigger kid growing up. Since then my weight has been increasing and I began feeling out of control. The breaking point for Fou was when a simple trip to the grocery store left him out of breath and struggling. Weight was affecting my daily life I couldn’t do the fun things that my other friends were doing ie: GoKart’s.  It was at that point that his family reached out to Live In Fitness for help. They wanted a place that was well known for its results. “I’ve always lacked motivation when it comes to my weight. But being here at LIF has given me a new strength to keep going. And the confidence to know that my goals are possible”. Being in a positive environment of like-minded people and having the supportive staff there every step of the way is the reason for my success.


Fou Struggled with weight since the 8th grade always been the heavier guy and showed no signs of stopping. I wanted to do this as soon as they mentioned me going.

Motivation was always a problem for me. I’ve  never been a motivated person and now after going through the program. I struggled with everyday things. Walking in a store, going to a bank would have me out of breath.  


What did you expect when coming here to LIFE? then & now? 

“I knew it was going to be hard. I didn’t know I would gain so much confidence. More than losing weight I felt my confidence rise.”


How do you feel about your progress so far this time? 

“Fantastic. It is a huge difference from when I first started. I would have never thought I would progress so much. My clothes are so loose now I love everything about the weight loss.”


What were your favorite Group coached classes?  

“Pool workout and Boxing”


What have been your favorite chef dishes? 

“Steak and Orange Chicken.”


“Working with Eric has been truly a learning experience. He has 30 years’ worth of experience and guidance is given to you the knowledge he shares is imennse. 

 I enjoyed The people. Clients and staff. To know that there are people with the same struggles and that there are people who are willing to listen to your struggles and help you thorough them as well!”


What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program? 

“Get fit! Don’t throw a fit! If your gonna complain all the time you are not gonna get everything the program is trying to teach you.”


What advice would you give to others? 

“Just start. No matter were you at in your life or weight.”

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