5 Everyday Items To Help With Diet Portion Control

5 Everyday Items For Diet Portion Control

When it comes to making a healthy lifestyle change in your weight-loss journey, sometimes the biggest obstacle to success can be resolved with a few small changes. Yes, exercise is important; but we all know that weight-loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Diet, and specifically portion control, was one of the biggest changes I had to make because it was having a huge impact on my weight-loss goals.

I love to eat and I am sure you do too. Sometimes our biggest struggle is not what we eat but how much we eat. At Live In Fitness weight-loss resort, our nutritionist and chef teach that any weight-loss that is going to sustainable can only be achieve through food portion control. To take it a step further, consistent portion control is the key to reaching the weigh-loss goal line. It isn’t about depravation or starvation, but about eating enough food to keep your metabolism up and give your body the energy that it needs.

Live In Fitness Camp Weight- Loss also provides a series of scientific testing that will determine the exact amount of calories your body need to achieve weight-loss success. Give us a call and speak to a out weight-loss consultant on finding a diet and exercise plan that is right for you. Click through the simple guide to general portion sizes for food when looking to achieve and maintain weight-loss.

Beef Up Your Iphone

A piece of raw beef should be the size of an IPhone and contain about 110 calories when cooked.
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Wallet Size Carbs

Wholemeal pasta, all natural egg noodles and basmati rice all provide energy without spiking your blood sugar. Make sure your portion is the size of a male’s wallet and average around 200 calories.

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See Your Vegetables Clearly

The size of your vegetables should be about the size of your sunglasses stacked on their case. Work to keep 50% of your plate vegetables with a strong emphasis on green vegetables as they add only 25 calories to your meal.

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Get Your Change Back With Nuts

Nuts are rich in good omega-3 fats and also have a very slow digestion rate. Try walnuts, cashews and or brazilian nuts that should be about the size of a handful of pocket change.

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Unlock The Key To Dressing

If you can’t swap out your favorite salad dressings for olive oil, make sure it is at least the size of two keys and using fat-free dressing has been proven to lower your cholesterol.

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