3 tips to long term weight loss

Eric’s 3 tips to long term Weight loss

Turning Fear into Success

Keep these helpful exercises in mind when you are faced with fear:
1. Fears into power for long term weight loss

• Don’t deny fears – Listen to what is going on inside. Write down your feelings.
• Know your fears – What frightens you? Fear of failure? Success? Responsibility? Be specific.
• Confront fears – Challenge yourself to face things that scare you. For example, if you are
afraid of certain types of exercise, try something for a specified period of time – and do not
give up until you have reached your goal.
• Manage your fears – Take small steps to overcome what scares you. Walk before you run.
• Prepare for your fears – Rehearse scary situations in your mind to prepare for an event. For
example, if hiking frightens you, picture yourself enjoying a fun trek through the mountains.
• Failures equal learning and experience – There is no such thing as “failure” if you’re giving it
your all. You are learning, growing, and getting better each time you move forward.

2. Getting Past the Monster for long term weight loss
Fear is just one of the monsters around the corner,
ready to block your path to success. He likes to fill you
with reasons to fail. Here are some of the things he will
tell you:
• Give up because you are not seeing immediate
• Give up because the results are less than expected.
• It is too hard. You should just quit.
• You can not do it. I do not know why you thought
you could.

3. Here are the answers you can give to make him go away: for long term weight loss.
• If I focus on weight loss and fitness, I am making progress.
• Health and fitness are lifelong goals of mine.
• Yes, it is hard, but staying focused on my goals is easy.
• I am going to congratulate myself for staying on this path, so you can get the &#$% out of my
• I can gain 20 years of good quality life with serious structured change.
• I am unstoppable, nothing can stop me. My goals are too big to let them fail.

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