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In order to keep you with energy your body needs to burn fuel and the metabolic rate is the rate it does it. Metabolism plays a huge role in nutrition and a major one in the bottle of weigh loss.  Here are three reason why you’re not loosing or maintaining a certain weight.


1. Doing cardio is a great if not the best way to burn calories, but it it only goes so far and the next step is to lift some pounds. It should always be appropriate to your needs and capabilities, when you lift weights you’re creating muscle mass which will prevent future injuries by strengthening the joints and it will also increase your metabolic rate.


2. If you think that you’re saving time and calories by not having breakfast -you’re totally wrong. And it’s not just eating something, it’s about eating the right amount of protein along carbohydrates that will give you a jumpstart to your metabolism and will set you up for the rest of the day.


3. Despite how relaxed are you by bed time, your body is working hard and it should. Sleeping well is a key factor for metabolism. It’s the best time to replenish nutrients and for your muscles to repair themselves.

Here is a great workout that combines cardio with muscle building. It’s Amber and this is Upper body circuit.

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