Your Best Life With Jermaine: #1 My Life of Fear

  Thinking back on where I started and the struggles I’ve had. I feel my life was mostly based in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the outside world, fear of judgement from family and friends. I had grown to over 600 pounds. Fear dominated every aspect of my life. If I go to […]

Kathleen’s Weight loss Journey

We hope her amazing story helps you in a special way. Kathleen lost 167 lbs with Live in Fitness. She came for two long stays to make it happen in a year. Her transformation physically and mentally was simply amazing. Kathleen Bruno is a beautiful, upbeat southern woman who used to be morbidly obese, massively […]

The Chef Behind Our Fat Burning Foods!

The Fat Burning Food Expert   Chef Miguel Rueda IV is the Chef De Cuisine at Live In Fitness he is responsible for developing our fat burning food menus, measuring the macro nutrients of each client’s specific meal plan, as well as continuing to grow the culinary operations of Live In Fitness in Phoenix, AZ. […]

3 tips to long term weight loss

3 steps to long term weight loss

Eric’s 3 tips to long term Weight loss Turning Fear into Success Keep these helpful exercises in mind when you are faced with fear: 1. Fears into power for long term weight loss • Don’t deny fears – Listen to what is going on inside. Write down your feelings. • Know your fears – What […]

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