Our Competitive Edge

    What Sets Us ApartThe difference between us and other weight loss camps is obvious!OUR COMPETITIVE EDGE    22 years of being in business, 22 Years of Tweaking, Changing, Love, Care and Results. We love what we do. What really sets us apart is how scientific our program is. We have had thousand’s of […]

Lose 10lbs in a week

How to lose 10 pounds in a week! Congratulations to our Client of the Week Michael… for shedding an amazing 10.2 lbs in one week at Live-in-Fitness. Michael is from Winnipeg, Manitoba and has endured many ups and downs in his life so far.  Just turning 45 years old, Michael also had to face the […]

5 new years fitness tips

Happy New Years Eve!! Its that time again. New year. new you! It’s time to make our resolutions to being happier, healthier, and more disciplined. We’re here to help and have 5 great tips to help you reach your New Year Goals. 1. Be ready! Make sure your mind and body are ready for whatever fitness […]

Mental Weightloss

A Powerful Voice Mental Weight Loss The Perfectionist An Article by: Quincy Martel, MA, Life Coach   Experience Mental Weight Loss. Are you a perfectionist? Do you feel compelled to excel beyond the standard limits? Do you have a strict conscience and are more concerned about right and wrong and morality than most people?  Do […]

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