Client of the Week Chuck!!

Chuck lost an amazing 13 lbs in his first week at Live In Fitness, and 22 lbs in 3 weeks! As well as some other amazing changes, such as his blood sugar levels have dropped and his blood pressure has also improved! Congratulations, Chuck, on being our Client of the Week!!

Chuck is an Army Veteran and retired construction laborer from Lake Sherwood, MO. He began to notice a steady weight increase around his retirement time, five years ago, due to the new inactivity of his lifestyle change. Now he had the much deserved time to enjoy life, but in actuality his quality of life began to suffer. About a year ago his Doctor prescribed high blood pressure medicine, and he was warned that he was becoming borderline diabetic. He tried for a time to exercise and eat healthy, but after sitting around for months procrastinating, he was officially diagnosed with diabetes, while also developing shortness of breath in his limited but everyday movement. Something had to change, so he reached out to Live In Fitness Retreat.

Chuck Live In Fitness

Why did you choose Live In Fitness?

“I had actually been considering a Fitness Camp for a few years and researched many camps. Luckily a year ago I put myself on the email list for LIF, because I had decided that they looked to have the best reviews and be reasonably priced as well. I found myself waiting to get their emails to see others success stories. I really wasn’t sure what to expect before coming here, but knew it was definitely time for me to do something. I know now that after only one week that I made the right choice. I am amazed at my progress in only one week! I can even exercise without running out of breath. My blood sugar levels have dropped and my blood pressure has also improved. I hope after getting home and seeing my Doctor, that my prescribed medications are reduced.”


What have you enjoyed most about the Live In Fitness program?

“The program is fantastic!! The staff and coaches are welcoming, friendly, always smiling and go out of their way to help everyone. The chefs deserve a special recognition. The meals are prepared by an outstanding crew who are easy to talk to and offer you help and advice. As far as the other clients that are here, everyone is here for the same reason and we know it and support one another. I have made friends that I plan to stay in touch with after I go home.  I truly feel that with the kick start that I’ve got here, that I can, and will, be able to continue my journey to a better and healthier life at home.

If you are now or have ever considered a Fitness, Weight loss, and Lifestyle camp don’t be like me and put it off until your health and quality of life gets any worse. DO IT NOW. It’s even fun and Live In Fitness is located in beautiful Long Beach. What better location for  a morning boot camp than on the beach. Walk or bike ride along the beach. Again, DO IT NOW, you won’t regret it.


Chuck you are an inspiration to many.
From our Team, you win our badge of honor!

Chuck – Live In Fitness

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Make Your Own Weekend Game Day Goals

It’s that time again! Excitement for the big game festivities with booze, commercials, and most importantly, snacks. Let’s face it, football snacks usually aren’t the healthiest… According to the National Chicken Council, Americans will consume 1.25 billion chicken wings this weekend. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself! When you feel like you are on a diet, all you can think about is what you can’t have. At Live In Fitness we teach you how to do it in a more balanced way.



Here are some tips to keep you on track, while also enjoying the game:

1. Plan Ahead
Set yourself up for positives by looking into the future. No one said you couldn’t enjoy a few tasty party snacks. You just need to balance out what you’re eating. You know what you’re doing this week. You know when that football party is happening. So plan for it! Watch what you eat during the week, so that you can reward yourself at the end of it.



2. Figure Out Your Eating Style 
Are you a quantity eater or a quality eater? Some of us enjoy the pizza at the party, while others of us are fine with the pretzel mix or the veggies and dip. Figure out your discipline and eating style. If you know you’re a quantity eater, then make sure to bring the chips and salsa to the party, and ditch the pizza. If you’re a quality eater, then watch how many slices of pizza you eat. We recommend eating one slice and pairing it with a salad.


3. Forgive Yourself
As we try to plan for the weekend, mistakes will be made. No one’s perfect! Remember, you can’t change the past. Look forward to the future, and train yourself to wait until the weekend to go snack crazy. Trust us, it will be worth it!

Live In Fitness – Weekend Game Day Goals