Client of the Week Brent!!

Client of the Week
Congratulations, Brent!!

Do you Fear Success or Failure? Make a choice to improve and change your life for the better at Live In Fitness, just like Brent!

Brent lost 7.4 lbs in just one week at LIF, but the bigger success is that this is his new lifestyle. Brent is from Kansas City, now living in Branson Missouri, and is a devoted father. He wanted to be healthier for himself, his family ,and to be a role model for his teenage son. Brent led an active childhood, in college he won the National Championships in wrestling and was always active in sports. To be able to financially provide and support his family, he earned his Commercial Driver’s License and began driving semi-trucks, clocking anywhere between 400-500 miles a week, working 10 to 14 hours a day. This included making many stops at fast food restaurants, sometimes twice in a day for meals. Over the last 8 years Brent noticed a steady increase of 10-15 lbs a year in his weight.  Eight years later, and several pounds heavier, it was time to do things differently!

Why did you choose LIFE?

“My mom was actually the one who researched and found LIF.  She had always wanted to got to a ‘Fit Camp’ or ‘Fat Camp’ as she called it, so it seemed the perfect opportunity for us to come and share this experience together.”

What were your biggest struggles or obstacles?

“My job was the biggest obstacle, so I chose to quit and am currently taking night classes to become a ‘Catastrophic Adjuster’. Not only did I gain weight, I lost mobility and flexibility in my body from driving long hours in the same position, and my nutrition was none existent. I would have family BBQs on the weekend, but had no concept of portion control or food combinations. I have always been a stress eater, and food was my nemesis. I became embarrassed of how I looked, and how far I had let it get out of control.”

How do you feel about your experience so far?

“Each week I have continued to lose weight, gain strength, and more importantly, energy. My self-esteem and confidence is back. Live In Fitness really does set you up with a plan to be successful. Follow the program, absorb the knowledge, teachings, and life experience of Eric Viskovicz, and follow the expertise of the coaches and team.”

What have you enjoyed about the program?

“The staff are are amazing. Very knowledgeable and ready to help at all times. Lectures are educational & insightful. Classes are challenging and tough. The comradely with clients is motivating and inspiring. If you’ve ever played sports, the Live In Fitness experience is much like being on a team. It has also been a great experience for my mom who has made some new life long friends through exercise.”

What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program? What advice would you give to others?

Do whatever you have to do to get your life back on the right track, ALL aspects of your life. Take care of yourself first so you can have more to share and give to others.”

Congratulations Brent for putting fear aside and taking the chance and unknown path to improve your life.  You show up every day, work hard and play hard with no excuses. A great role model for not only your son, but for other people, too. If you want it enough in life, you will find a way.

Great work Brent! – From all of the LIF Team & Staff.

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Brent Live In Fitness
Congratulations Dave on Dropping 9 Lbs in His First Week!

Congratulations Dave!
LIF’s Client of the Week!

Dave – Live In Fitness


Congratulations Dave on dropping 9 lbs in his first week!
Since staying at Live In Fitness Dave has lost 25 lbs, gained lean mass, and lost 14 lbs in pure fat!!

Dave lives in Memphis, where he works on a farm with his nephew. The realization of his current health status really hit home with a recent fall, where he was unable to immediately recover. He looked up at his nephew and realized that in his current health status, how long would he be in his nephew’s life? This motivated him to make a change, as he had been gaining weight for the last 5 years. In the last year he noticed his decrease in flexibility & mobility, his lack of activities and physical movement. He continued to tell himself repeatedly “I’ll start a diet next week”.  This was the time for him to reach out.  

Dave choose Live In Fitness because of the individualized program they offered, fascinated and intrigued by the science and data used for weight loss and optimal health. Understanding that weight loss on the scale is only one of several ways to measure results. This program has given him a better understanding of how his body work, through inches and fat loss and he has surpassed all his initial goals allowing him to create new ones.

When asked how he felt about the LIF Program:

“I am happy with my progress so far. I have enjoyed all the coaches and classes. My roommates have become friends for life. LIF does a good job of creating a family atmosphere. I would tell others that the program works. 1st timers should just do what they can in a class, set a starting point, you are resilient and will be amazed at how quickly your body and mind adjust. The LIF Team are all professionals and know when to motivate, when to push and coach you so you reach your full potential. No judgement is ever made,  just that you show up.  They will guide you through the process . Work the program, it really works.

Dave Live In Fitness















Congratulations Dave!!  You are an inspiration to all, and you still find time in your busy schedule to help others if needed. You have that inner drive & determination to push through any obstacle that comes your way. Proud of you for taking control back of your life for the better, in a healthier way so you can be around longer to enjoy time with your loved ones and them with you.

The LIF Team

After Halloween Candy Binge

After Halloween Candy Binge

There it is, the morning after… Leftover candy in the bowl by the front door that didn’t get grabbed up by the trick-or-treaters, or in the bag that your kids brought home from their own excursion around the block, and your tummy still hurts from the “snacking” that you already enjoyed last night. This is called, the Halloween Hangover, kind of like a booze it up hangover, but with a stomach ache instead of a headache. And you are feeling very remorseful, but for different reasons as well. What do you do now, and with all that leftover candy laying around? First, go ahead and have some hair of the dog…t hat’s right, eat some…pick out your favorite bar or a couple of pieces that you really like. Then pack up the rest and either give the rest away or throw it away. **Tip below if you have Kids.

Now, be satisfied and think about the positive direction that you are taking and how good you are going to feel and don’t have a negative reaction, even if you only have a candy bar a day for two weeks, will set you back about 2 pounds. It will take you eating at your resting metabolic rate for each week ( with no extra treats or wine for those weeks) and exercising at least one hour extra a day to burn it off. This is why the average american gains 10-15 pounds between Oct 31 – Dec 31st. We are eating extra and aren’t compensating with any additional activity, as most of us don’t have time to do all those extra hours, on top of our existing hours of working out during this busy time of year!


Did You Wear Your Sexy Outfit This Year?

For those of you that wanted to wear something more sexy or fun for Halloween this year, but didn’t, Why didn’t you? Was it that you just weren’t at the weight that make you feel comfortable? A sexy cat suit is a dream for some, the majority of us are watching those days slip through our fingers.

Many people are still going to be dreaming of fitting into a cat suit again next year instead of doing something to change, but at Live In Fitness we are getting people healthy, happy, and looking and feeling great. Love your life and live it to its fullest!



**Candy For a Toy**

Let your kids pick out some favorites from the candy bag, then set the rest out for the “Candy Witch”.
During the night, the Candy Witch will take the candy and replace it with a Toy! This is a good idea for your kids, and they get something fun that they can keep (and that something isn’t belly fat). Now, get rid of that candy so that you don’t get the belly fat instead!!


Don’t wait until you’re in the same situation next year. Start putting the work in NOW to be prepared for all of the upcoming holidays, and all of the fattening food that comes with those holidays. At Live In Fitness we make sure you have the tools to handle it all!

Live In Fitness – After Halloween Candy Binge