What is Sugar? And Can We Cheat it?


What is sugar? Sugar is a carbohydrate. If it ends in a “ose,” it’s gonna be a sugar.  If that’s all you’d like to know, feel free to move onto the next section, as I’m about to get all Mr. Wizard up in here.There are different kinds of sugar, starting with simple sugars (called monosaccarides) like glucose, fructose, and galactose. […]

5 Top Lean Mean Greens!


Every’s trying to eat more healthy these days (or at least they should be!). People generally have a pretty good idea of what to avoid but can need a little help determining what’s best to substitute. Salads are a go to way for a lot of people to eat more healthy. But there are better […]

5 Easy Workout Solutions After Christmas!


Live in Fitness Retreat hope’s you had a very special Christmas with your loved ones, unwrapping presents, baking cookies and making delicious meals! We know how hard it is to get back to your daily routine after such a fun filled weekend, so we wanted to help by giving you some ideas to motivate you […]

Healthy Holiday Baking Substitutes!


  A lot of us love baking during the holidays. With so many tempting treats and friend and family gatherings to attend, it’s best to make your treats as healthy as possible. We’ve got a few ideas for ingredient substitutes to make all your favorite treats healthy and delicious. Vanilla for sugar Cutting your sugar […]

Live in Fitness Has A New Look!

Loosing Weight ? Stop Thinking About It

Hey FitFam! We are happy to share with you our new Live in Fitness New Look Promo Video! This video highlights the incredible accomplishments our clients have achieved throughout their stay at our Live in Fitness retreat. We have not only trained A-listers and top athletes like Jessica Biel, Khloe Kardashian and Blake Griffin, we […]

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