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weight loss resortsThe sun is stronger than ever so keep your water bottles close and stay hydrated! If you don’t stay hydrated, especially during a work out session, you’ll find that you lack energy AND you won’t sweat as much as you should.  Optimizing the water balance will help you feel and perform better.

You should drink an average 9 glasses of water per day. Good news is that a percentage of our H2O intake comes from foods like fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, Strawberries, Cucumbers, Celery, Spinach and Tomatoes are a few foods that can help keep you hydrated.

weight loss resorts

Let’s also not forget that increasing your water intake helps considerably if you are trying to lose weight!!!! It’ll help burn calories, and a glass of water can be a great way to reduce your appetite before a meal.

It all gets complicated in a very fascinating way, there’s no time for almost anything and trying to squeeze a workout seems as complicated as moving a mountain. These mamas show you that it’s possible and strangely fun! working out with your little one can be very stimulating and its a great way to keep their minds busy and active -even dads can do this!






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Tren ben med bebis 💪🏼👶🏻 #amrfitness #mammatrening #babyworkout #fitmom #runandrelax

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En hurtig hjemmetræning og en lille løbetur i blæsevejret 💨💪🏻

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Post workout baby selfies! Scrunch face, messy hair, and a flex 😜💪🏻 #MomWithMuscles

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