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We’re still celebrating the launch of Fit Culture Threads’ new fitness apparel line at our weight loss spa. It’s the essence of glamour what we find essential in fitness and having that as our flag; four years ago Fit Club Tv went into a journey of designing a line of fitness wear that woman would love. It’s made and thought for and by woman because it does matters, it matters how you look and how you feel. It’s the power of choosing how you look and desire to achieve your goals. There is many important things in life, but let’s do justice to our efforts by looking and feeling good. More than a great design the entire line is made of the best quality in fiber. Make it yours once and you won’t want to workout again without them again. It’s our word and we keep it. Here is the behind the scenes of the photoshoot with Christine Moon and the twins Maria Chriysa Syngrou for Fit Culture Threads. It was fun, definitely a great night.



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We’re still celebrating the launch of Fit Culture Threads’ new fitness


Live In Fitness – Chef Sueng Fitness Retreat

We know that among the things on our list to gain lean mass and loose fat are eating frequently, hit the weights at the gym and moderate cardio complementing it with some supplements where the combination of good nutrients and rich in protein foods will help you achieve the so wanted and forever planned goals with your body. There is not difference, whether you’re a beginner or with experience in this fitness world; eating chicken a couple of times a day, week or a month has to get your nerves crazy and since you’re not the only one this is commonly the reason everyone fails in process. We’ve got the solution. Chef Sueng says that the trick is to make it good; you’ve probably heard it before, but a good tip to make it good is trying it differently than how you’ve had it before. It’s in the process of making it different where you’ll find the immense possibilities that you have to keep eating  nutritious foods without getting tired  or going crazy on yourself for setting yourself up to this goal. Watch chef Sueng prepare Salmon, Chicken and Sweet Potatoes as you follow steps make sure to find the joy at the kitchen because that’s what this is all about.

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