This is an obesity weight loss program for the people who need to make complete lifestyle change to achieve long term good health.Generally,people who start at this level are significantly overweight and at a beginner level of physical fitness.This comprehensive program deals with all aspects of their weight loss struggles,looking at both mental and physical issues that they are uo against.We help them break free from their destructive hobbits to gain confidence and control with eating pattern and exercise.This is a trans formative program,where our clients adopts a whole new set of behaviors and attitudes.

Because this program focuses on lifestyle changes,we recommend a longer stays for you to fully adopt for new behaviors and attitudes.The lenght of stay for this program runs from four weeks to several months.



As someone who is about to take a major step to change your life, you want to know that you are making the right decision. Founded in 1997, our program has been the inspiration for several famous weight loss television shows. With the popularity of NBC's The Biggest Loser, we have seen many new programs pop up in the last couple of years. While all of these may have excellent individual qualities, it is important that you get the complete package. After all this is your life we are talking about. If you were going to get heart surgery, wouldn't you make sure you were going to the best and most experienced surgeon? Why would your health be any different? Below are some questions you should ask yourself before deciding where you want to go.


Does it make sense to you that with all of the money you are investing, that you would spend most of your day being instructed by interns? At LIFE we only hire the best of the best when it comes to our trainers, massage therapists, doctors, life coaches and chefs. Our staff has more than a 100 years experience working in the fitness industry. You can come to LIFE and learn to box from the man who taught Oscar de la Hoya and "Sugar" Shane Mosley, you can take classes or have personal training with a former Mr. Olympia finalist and Ms. Fitness Hawaii. Our coaches are people who live, breathe and understand what it takes to maximize your fitness potential.

When you arrive at LIFE one of our amazing coaches will be assigned to you. You will spend time every day walking through your schedule with them and determining how to get the most out of your stay. You may even be surprised to find out that some of our coaches have battled with weight as well. In fact we have several members of our staff who were once clients, and felt such an impact from our program that they quit their jobs and moved across country to complete their lifestyle change and to help others do the same. Unlike other places, at LIFE you aren't just cattle left on your own. YOU are our priority.


Have you ever gone out to eat when you were on a diet, and been surrounded by people eating whatever they want? It can be difficult to be successful, to say the least. At LIFE you are in a completely private environment, where everyone is working towards the same weight loss goals. Eating at a nice hotel restaurant and bar is very pleasant. But, is it the best environment for you on your weight loss journey to be surrounded by people eating cheeseburgers and fries while drinking piña coladas?

What about the gym and training areas? Have you ever been to a gym and felt insecure or inadequate? Do you really want to work out at a public hotel gym or in the public resort areas with everybody watching? At LIFE, our 12,000 sq. ft. gym facility is completely private, with no more than the 30 or so clients using the space at any given time. You don't have to worry about impressing anyone, or looking awkward, because everyone is at this fitness retreat for the same reason.. to lose weight. And while some places have ownership with religious influences that make people feel unwanted or unwelcome. Our safe and supportive environment is about everyone understanding that we are all in this together and ensures that you have the confidence to succeed on your journey.


For such a large financial commitment, don't you worry about the stability of the company you are entrusting with your health and your money? What happens if they go out of business after they've already gotten your check? LIFE's weight loss retreat has been around for almost 15 years now. During that time we have watched as new weight loss camps pop up and then disappear after only a year or two. Our established brand and reputation has made us a very strong and stable company with clients traveling to stay with us from all over the world.


Do you know what your resting metabolic rate, lean body mass, Vo2 Max, anaerobic threshold, and real body age mean to your overall body health and in maximizing your weight loss? Over the 15 years we have been in business, we have spent countless hours developing the scientific side of understanding weight loss. Our extensive array of advanced technology allows us to get a unique understanding of your individual body and to help you lose weight quickly and learn how you can be successful on your own, at home. This science is what leads to so many professional athletes like NBA Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin, James Loney of the Dodgers, players from the Clippers, Los Angeles Kings, Timberwolves, and LA Galaxy to work with LIFE. For these guys, their bodies are their livelihood and they trust us to help them get the best results.


Do you think that your metabolism is the exact same as everyone else's? At LIFE we work to make sure that every client has an individually tailored plan to help them be successful. While some resorts may give EVERYONE a flat 1,200 calories a day, we use our advanced technology to examine your individual body and the way it is losing weight. Working and adjusting your plan to make sure you are losing the right kind of weigh..FAT!!
Every day our chefs spend countless hours weighing out every single one of your meals to the exact carbohydrate, protein and fat for your individual body. NO other program does this!! How can you possibly maximize your success if you are given the same plan as everyone else? It just doesn't make sense.


Have you ever gone on a diet plan that consisted of chicken or fish, lettuce, vegetables and nothing else? How about no carb diets? Vegetarian? At LIFE we don't believe in these quick fix weight loss plans. We make the foods that you love in a healthy way. While at LIFE you will lose weight while dining on pizza, burgers, enchiladas, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes and so many other of your delicious favorites. And while you are here we will teach you how to make these amazing dishes and give you a book of recipes to take home with you.


Do you know how your weight got to this point? Does it scare you that you will have to battle with your weight for the rest of your life? Do you ever feel depressed, or lethargic? While many of our competitors call their facilities fat camps or fat farms, we despise this term. Because at this facility we work hard not only to help you lose those extra pounds, but we also work to develop healthy eating habits to last you the rest of your life and the mental strength to fight through the difficult times. We believe that this is your opportunity to heal your body, educate your mind and improve your spirit. It is proven that exercise creates endorphins that help with depression, stimulate the mind to improve creativity and productivity, and strengthen your bodies' immune system to fight off illness. We have an experienced M.D., psychologist and nutritionists on staff to help you develop habits that will last long after you leave us. And they are all available to help you, even after you have gone home. LIFE is not a fat farm. We are a fitness camp that deals with your mind, body and soul.


We Care Too Much
We really do. Our entire staff is motivated by your success. We are all more than experts in our field we know what it takes to succeed, and it brings us the utmost joy to watch each and every one of you succeed in ways that you previously wouldn’t believe.




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