It all began in 1997 with an entrepreneurial-minded young man who had a passion for biology, physiology and psychology. He believed that he could make a difference in peoples lives by helping them to not only lose weight in the most efficient way possible so that they could finally break thru the diet and fitness yoyo’s and live a gain control of their eating & exercise habits, but also so that they could sustain this lifestyle for the long term, and live a better quality life as well.

A little about his past……Eric Viskovicz, as a young child, suffered from a challenging stuttering disorder. It left him feeling insecure, embarrassed, misunderstood, and weak. He always felt locked in his mind, as he couldn’t express himself verbally the way that others could, and he had to start relying on more physical ways of communicating as his speech generally failed him. His belief is that he wasn’t able to fully show the world who he was, so he had to show them, and he did this by excelling at athletics in both high school and college. He learned that he could push himself much farther than he thought, and the results were amazing. But he couldn’t do it without the amazing support system of coaches that he was lucky enough to work with. It wasn’t just his body, that he needed to challenge, but his mind. He needed to exercise his mind and push his behavioral patterns beyond what he perceived as his limitations. It was hard, but feeling the way that he felt in his isolated mind, was even harder.

Prior to attending College, he wanted to strengthen his resolve even more while doing something for his country…He joined the Army. He went thru basic training and put everything that he had into it. He always was a top performer and motivated others to be the same. He learned a lot in his short military career….work hard and inspire others. He carried this thru his college days where he also played college sports, and has carried it thru to this day by doing what he loves best, helping people to open their eyes to their true potential, and breaking the myths about weight loss & fitness so that they can achieve amazing results in a fraction of the time that it would take on their own. To live a passionate life, where they can achieve anything. Everything is possible.

His beginnings were meager and he started with a rucksack and a set of dumb bells, on the beach in Marina Del Rey, CA. He built Live In Fitness from nothing, but his own blood, sweat and tears, and the passion and perseverance that he learned thru his own young struggles and accomplishments.……There is nothing in the world that is better than the feeling that you get from helping others to overcome their fears. And when we teach them about how their own bodies really work, and the scientific facts behind why diets don’t work, and how they can optimize their results so that the inches just drop away, and they are left with a lean, healthy, body that they are proud to live in.