Live In Fitness – Our Mission To Help
Since Eric Viskovicz launched Live In Fitness as Camp Technique back in 1997, his one mission in life has been to help other people. Eric believes that true fulfillment comes not from financial success but from the positive impact you make on the world.Life In Fitness has always striven to not only be a good company, but also a good neighbor in the corporate community. We believe that making positive contributions to the community always pays back dividends, as it encourages other people and companies to do their part as well.

Eric and his wife have three children, and want them to grow up in a better world where people are connected by their positive experiences in and connection to the community. They are raising their children with the core value: “Help others before you help yourself.”In fact, the reason Live In Fitness was created in the first place is to create a positive way to help other people improve their lives. When the company was started, most weight loss retreats focused on negative and aggressive ways to encourage people to lose weight.Eric saw that this was not the right way to go. He believed that if he helped people build up their self-esteem, learn to create a positive inner dialogue, and work together as a community that they would have far more success losing weight and enjoy better lives overall.

This became tremendously effective, and Live In Fitness has become one of the most popular and respected fitness resorts in North America.

As Live In Fitness has grown, Eric has begun to seek out new ways to give back to the community. He is particularly interested in the plight of the homeless, and has encouraged his staff to follow his lead and volunteer at homeless shelters when they can. He is also dedicated to providing financial support to groups that help break the cycle of poverty and homelessness in our community.Eric has also seen friends struck down young by the scourge of cancer. He believes that with enough support from the community, cancer can become a treatable and easily survivable disease in our lifetime. That’s why he has also donated time and resources to groups that work to prevent, treat and eventually find a cure for cancer.

Environmental issues are also close to Eric’s heart. He has seen the damage that man has done to the environment, and believes that people have an obligation to find ways to live in harmony with nature.

He is currently working with organizations that promote green alternatives to carbon-based energy sources and others who are trying to find ways to undo the damage already done to natural habitats by companies that were not good corporate citizens.

This is all a part of his philosophy to help make the world a better place for everyone. It started with Live In Fitness, but now he has the resources to help even more people – and that is something to which he is dedicating his life.

Everyone at Live In Fitness supports his goals, and does their best to help him support the valuable non-profit organizations that work hard day in and day out to help make poverty, cancer and manmade damage to the environment a thing of the past.

We also encourage our guests and our corporate neighbors to do the same. Working together, we can help create a better tomorrow.