At our Live In Fitness Retreat, we teach the importance of keeping your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, as this is key to making sure the energy that you are expending is first coming from the foods that you eat, and then from your fat stores.  In order to achieve this, small meals […]

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Weights Vs. Machines? Spot Reduction? Child Lifting Wrights? Weight Loss? Myths, Theories And The Truth.

   By AJ Kelly a L.I.F. contact Is it safe for my child to lift weights? Research has concluded strength training to be safe and effective means for children if performed correctly and under proper supervision.  Resistance training can increase muscular strength and endurance, improve body composition, reduce the risk of injury and improve bone […]



“A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that worthwhile, it can be done.” — Vince Lombardi […]

Weight Loss Retreat on Weight Lifting, the anti-aging pill


“DISCOVER THE REAL SECRET TO LOOKING & FEELING YOUNGER WHILE DECREASING YOUR BODY’S AGE” (Secret Revealed at Live In Fitness Weight Loss Ranch)   Looking & Feeling younger is something that every one of us desires, and there are creams and shots and lasers and pills and a myriad of other things that we (and […]


When I went to this weight loss retreat years ago, I had no idea how many small changes I could make that were super easy, that would impact my weight loss so much.  One of those things is how to maximize fat loss at night when I am sleeping. This is the kind of information […]


Sex and Weight Loss Camp

GET YOUR SEXY BACK AT WEIGHT LOSS CAMP Ok, I don’t know about you, but it seems that everywhere I look (netflix & cable tv) all I see is sex, sex, sex and sexy looking people!  I mean, being a mom of 3, over my ideal weight and working my tail off from before dawn […]

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Fitness Camp Results

Fitness Camp Success  At Fitness camp we train 5-7 hours a day. Paced at the individuals ability. Love , care, passion is what it take to have a successful fitness camp. With the proper testing and using that testing to get  the perfect macronutrient mix and then the best results possible. check out two of […]

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From Fat Farm to Fit Camp

    More Inspiration and Visualization Some people look up fat farm to find us on google but we don’t feel that word is right we like fit camp. At our fit camp we teach you the tools to keep the weight off forever. This can be challenging stuff. If you think of needing a […]

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Fitness Camp Resolution Time

5 Keys to a Successful New Years Resolution At our Fitness Camp we see a lot of new year resolutions. Below are Five keys to actually losing the fat and making a true lifestyle change. Are you ready? Excited?Do you believe you can do it?! It’s Not Impossible, But You Have to Want It How […]


Why Hire a Personal Trainer When Everything’s Online?

Why Hire a Personal Trainer When Everything’s Online? As a an avid Instagram groupie, I’ve thoroughly explored the online, self-help weight-loss world, and what I discovered is that pretty much everything I need to successfully shed the pounds and keep them off is out there…workouts, classes, nutrition and diet advice, healthy cooking classes, the right […]


How To Survive Thanksgiving Dinner

  How To Survive Thanksgiving Dinner All though we try not to admit it, we know that one of our favorite holidays each year is Thanksgiving Day. We also know that it is not for our family, but for the food! The unlimited array of meat, breads and desserts can make the most resilient workout person […]

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5 Everyday Items To Help With Diet Portion Control

5 Everyday Items For Diet Portion Control When it comes to making a healthy lifestyle change in your weight-loss journey, sometimes the biggest obstacle to success can be resolved with a few small changes. Yes, exercise is important; but we all know that weight-loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Diet, and specifically portion control, […]


5 Ways To Come Out Your Weight-Loss Rut

  5 Ways to Come Out of Your Weight-Loss Rut It seems like you’ve hit your stride. Pounds are dropping, inches shrinking and you have that near perfect outfit for the grand occasion in sight. All of a sudden, it stops! You hit a weight-loss rut. The high of accomplishment and the gratification that comes […]


7 Amazing Weight Loss Benefits Of Meditation

Sometimes it seems, that at the least opportune time, life has a way of quickly turning sunshine to clouds, dampening the mood of the most optimistic. That sometimes for me is right now, so I figured this would be a good time to share. It’s 50 days until the end of year and you may […]


How To Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Goals In 1 Step

You Can Jumpstart Your Weight Loss In One Step If you believe that this is just another promise about your weight loss that can’t possibly true, you’re partially right. You can’t shed all those pounds with just one step any more than you can have successful, long-term weight loss by buying a machine you see […]

Survey Says Sexy

When Do You Feel Your Best?

Hey LIFER’S! When Do You Feel Your Best? You know those moments when you feel fully alive, confident, sexy, desired and ready to take on the world? It’s in these moments that you want your euphoria to last forever, knowing at that exact moment nothing can stop you? Would you trade that feeling for a […]


Arne B Enters The 40/40 Club! 40lbs 40ins

*RESULTS MAY VARY Arne B., an aspiring singer lives in Los Angeles CA and is familiar with the common pressures of living up to the standard of beauty often expected of women, in the entertainment industry. Struggling with weight gain and weight loss most of her adult life, Arne knew with her 50th birthday rapidly […]

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5 Secrets to Getting the Weight Off NOW!

You don’t understand: you do Crossfit every other day, go to the gym for a few rounds of weight lifting, play a mean badminton over the weekend and hike for hours, but you still aren’t shedding the pounds. How could that be? Well, you may want to consider these five likely reasons: Your Weight Fluctuates […]


I Found the Fountain of Youth!

  I have always used canola and/or extra virgin olive oil for cooking. I’d never even heard of coconut oil. Suddenly, it’s everywhere and I had to find out what I was missing. Who knew? Back in the 70s, propaganda spread by the corn and soy industries was rampant. Supposedly, coconut oil was terrible for […]


Men Get Their Sexy Back With Fitness

To live a healthy life, men have specific needs. Nutrition and fitness play a huge role in long, energetic lives, including sex lives. Live in Fitness wants to assist you in minimizing your health risks and maximizing your fun by giving you some pointers about what you can do to improve your health. Some health […]


Can You Really Lose Weight in 2 Weeks?

Six months ago, your high school friend asked you to be in her wedding. Three months ago, you tried on dresses and ordered a size that was quite snug because you KNEW you were going to lose enough weight for it to fit perfectly. Now the wedding is two weeks away. Can you really lose […]


It’s Gonna Cost You

A woman walks down a crowded street, on her way to what promises to be a very important meeting. She’s not late, but she’s cutting it very close. She silently rehearses her presentation as she weaves in and out of throngs of leisurely walkers and window shoppers. Some are offended as she bounces off them, […]

You Can’t Be Yourself Here

It’s two o’clock in the morning. You stare into the bottom of an ice cream bucket, or an empty pizza box, and think, “This is ridiculous. I have to stop”? You settle in front of the TV, full of food and remorse, and turn on the TV only to find some ripped guy and a […]


You Can’t Eat Whatever You Want

The best thing about being an adult is that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. If you want to order and devour the entire left side of the McDonald’s menu, you can do that. And though people might look at you in a funny or frightened way, nobody will stop you. When […]


We’ll Probably Make You Cry

Crying is one of the most amazing things people do, because we do it for so many different reasons. A baby will cry for a reason as simple as he’s hungry. We never judge him, because if we were incapable of feeding ourselves, every one of us, man or woman, would bawl our faces off […]


We Are Total Geeks

Long before the advent of most of our modern technologies, throngs of people would welcome from miles around and shell out a little money to see brave men and women dance dangerously with exotic animals. They’d be enthralled to see acrobats from far across the ocean swing from dizzying heights. They’d watch with held breath […]


You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide Fear is a powerful thing. It only takes a strange sound you hear while home alone to get your imagination running…and your heart running even faster. Fear can create vivid images in your head…scenarios involving an intruder with unthinkable intentions. You hold your breath and listen intently for […]


You’ll Find Love at Live in Fitness

You’ll Find Love at Live in Fitness If you asked a hundred people the best place to find love, what do you think their answers would be? Some people would probably spout off some lazy, generic, top-of-mind response like “an online dating site” or “at a club.” Others would respond based on their own experience…”I […]

Get Off Your Island and Come to Ours

If you’ve seen the movie Cast Away, you know that it’s about a man who survives a plane crash and ends up alone on a desert island. He manages to barely survive for several years and becomes so desperate that he befriends a volleyball. His desperation grows even deeper to the point that he decides […]

You Will Have to Take a Lot of Tests

Taking tests is something we all love to do. We love to stay up all night, drinking coffee and energy drinks until our hands shake uncontrollably, and the screen or page we’ve been staring at becomes blurry and illegible. We love knowing that, after spending sleepless hours intensely studying a subject, that we probably don’t […]

Why the Hell Is Everyone Dancing?

We honestly don’t know why everyone is dancing. All we know for sure is that there has been a marked increase in spontaneous episodes of elated gyrations, quick rhythmic movements and a boatload of smiling. These outbursts are understandable when they’re part of one of our dance classes, but more and more they’re occurring at […]

You Can Call Us Whatever You Want

At Live in Fitness™, we are one-hundred-percent positive that what we do works, and losing weight is just the tip of the iceberg. We teach our clients how to exercise safely and effectively; we teach them how to eat, cook and shop in a healthy responsible way; we help them discover and eliminate the behaviors […]

Our Forefathers Did It — You Can, Too!

Hey, As the 4th of July, a.k.a. Independence Day, gets closer, we’d like to thank a handful of guys you might have heard of…or seen on your money…for writing down what they really wanted and signing it. By signing it (and sending it), they committed to a course of action that incurred a huge risk […]

Is Long-Term Weight Loss Impossible?

What if the answer was yes? What if biology, psychology and/or environment were the bad guys, and you were just a helpless victim of these forces? On some level, that would surely be a relief…to know that, no matter what you do, long-term weight loss success is just not going to happen. But it’s not […]