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The $$$ side of healthy living

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#1 arleigh


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Posted 30 March 2012 - 10:44 AM

"You can pay the cost of healthy living now, or you can pay the doctor later"

Here is my lifestyle advice in a nutshell: Your body doesn't maintain itself. And just like anything else, maintenance can sometimes be costly.

I consider my health to be my number 1 priority. Why? Because it's a big world and I want to see it ALL before my time is up. I want to live long enough to know my grandchildren. I want to visit all the continents. I want to read War and Peace. All of this is going to take TIME. Not to mention, it would be great if most of my time was spent pain-free.

So I've had to change my mentality about what I'm working for. I used to be pretty cheap when it came to certain expenses. I was always looking for a good deal on food, and as a result I ate crappy processed foods that made me fat and sick. I didn't want to shell out for a trainer so I got hurt trying to work out on my own. I was even too stingy to invest in the books I knew I ought to read to get educated about my health. I was putting everything off! And I ended up at age 22, in pain and unhappy, overweight and lost.

You know what I did have money for during all of this? Clothes. Makeup. Beer. Parties and vacations and fancy cocktails and movie nights out with my girlfriends.

Now, I'm not saying you have to give up everything that is fun in your life. I'm just saying, that we need to adjust our attitudes about how much it costs to keep your body ready to do all the REALLY fun things in life.

You've already made a huge investment by coming to LIFE, so you are a step ahead- you understand that your body needs your help and that it might cost you some cash. You have to remember to take that attitude home with you, and to put your health first and foremost when it comes to your budget.

I'm talking about high-quality, organic food. Because your body craves it and requires the correct fuel to keep you going- to keep you working and playing.
I'm talking about a personal trainer to hold you accountable. Maybe it's 2 sessions a week or maybe it's 2 sessions a month. But you NEED a coach.
And I'm talking about smaller investments to keep you motivated- a class pass to a yoga studio, a set of free weights for your home or really good running shoes.

Yes, your health is expensive. But there is no getting around it. Do you have any idea how much your health will cost you when it's going down the tubes? Even if you have great insurance- copays for doctors visits and prescription drugs for years and years certainly add up. Not to mention the mental and emotional costs.

Think about it!

#2 Cory Katherine

Cory Katherine

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Posted 30 March 2012 - 10:49 AM

This post was written by me :)

Sorry Arleigh- I accidentally stole your identity!

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