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Robyn's Day 44

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Posted 21 March 2012 - 09:35 PM

I started my day with my last Cardio Dance with Omari which makes me super sad. I LOVE this class, especially today as Omari played "Teach me how to Dougie" which I requested last week. It's one of the best calorie burners but it's so fun it doesn't even feel like a work out. That being said I had to laugh as I remember my first Cardio Dance class on my first Thursday here. Being an overweight person all my life, my main goal has always been to "fit in" as much as possible, so the thought of not doing all the dance movies just like Omari wasn't an option that first time which resulted in me overexerting myself and feeling sick afterwards. I was worried the experience might have turned me off dancing completely but after talking to my coach and Omari about the experience, they reminded me that all the classes can (and should) be modified to your personal level. Since then I've gone to every Cardio class I could, kept an eye on my heart rate in the beginning just to make sure I wasn't going too crazy, and modified the steps as needed throughout. I might not be able to do every turn, jump every jump, or get as low as others, but I was able to make small modifications (even when my knee hurt) that allowed me to keep on dancing till the world ends :)

After that Cory found me and asked if I wanted to do some planks since Sye had given us a goal for the week to do 5 1-min planks with Cory (plus our weight in crunches, pushups, and burpees but that's a different story all together). I agreed to do 2 of my 5 which I was able to complete. Note: In my first week when I was asked to do a plank I could hardly lift my stomach and hips off the ground let alone hold it for 1 whole minute 2 times in a row.

Next I had my first (and last) PT with Marco. I had heard great things about Marco and seen him train a lot of clients. Sometimes he does boxing or tennis with clients, and sometimes he's got them dripping with sweat on the cardio machines or making grunting noises in the weight room. I wasn't sure what my experience would be but Marco definitely had a plan for me. He had me do a weight training circuit that included chest, arms, back, and more, plus a two minute cardio session in between each set. Each time we went through the circuit the weight got heavier and reps got fewer until he was able to find the point where I couldn't possible do one more rep. It was INTENSE but amazing. Afterwards I went to get a snack and I couldn't even peel my hard boiled egg since my arms were so tired. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to brush my teeth tonight as that would require me to lift my arms.

I ended my day with my last Sunset Beach Run (Walk). It was such a gorgeous day and there was a perfect beach breeze this afternoon. I walked along the beach path down to a rock jetty which I walked to the end of to see the people fishing and then back again. This is definitely one of the best ways to end a day at LIFE.

Highlight: Amazing training session with Marco, and being able to hold a 1 min. plank
Lowlight: Last Cardio and last Sunset Beach Run

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