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Eating in Restaurants

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#1 MichaelP


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Posted 01 November 2011 - 07:07 AM

One of the hardest things to do IMHO is to take portion control to restaurants. The way I deal with the large sizes that are often served is to know at the beginning that I'll be taking at least 1/2 of the meal home with me.

I always ask for my sauces on the side. I usually try to stick to grilled meats. There are several great websites that have full nutritional data for every restaurant. Check them out before you go to a chain.

Any other suggestions to stick to the program in order to keep the fitness retreat experience going long after you are away from L.I.F.E.?

#2 Adam Locke

Adam Locke

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Posted 11 November 2011 - 08:38 AM

Mike this is an interesting topic, as for many of us it is challenging to keep these types of thoughts in mind when we are on the go, or if we have business meetings to attend that revolve around food. Some things that I try and practice are simple,

1. Ask to see if the specific item is available for a half order.

2. Before I begin eating box up half of the meal right from the start (as you have said you do)

3. Although some restaurants may not like it or let you, try to see if you can find something healthy on the Childs menu they will allow you to order.

4. You could always bring a friend! Or what I have done in the past is give my 1/2 portion packaged up to the homeless. Sharing your meal is an easy way to cut the meal down to proper size.

5. Ask for a smaller plate! Often times the size of the plate that you are served on is ginormous! Asking for a smaller plate and following some nutritional diagrams that you have seen in making sure you get your macro nutrients is a great way to trim your plate to size.

6. Make sure you are ordering items that are prepared the way you like it, grilled, steamed or what you have. Most often you may be able to substitue something in your meal to an alternative that is more healthy!

7. Order off the appetizers or half soup or salad portion of the menu. Nowadays the appetizers or soups are served like they themselves can be a meal!

8. If you are on a business trip with fellow colleagues, remember that your meal is about you! No matter what they may order you are still trying to keep on track, it is about you!

9. This is the hardest for myself to practice, Take stuff off before it arrives. What I mean is, things like what you practice, dressing on the side ect. These types of things are quick easy ways to make your meal nutritious and healthy! When I go out with friends that have done this their whole life...I was annoyed to say the least...the server would ask questions...they would ask questions back...making the ordering process take about 5 minutes. Reflecting back on it however, it is a very simple tool that they have learned and I am trying to implement, more things that fall along this are:
-light to no mayo
-changing the type of bread that is served
-changing the way that the meal is prepared
All these things can really help you out.

These are just my two cents, if you implement some/all, who knows what people you may be with or may be observing and will also find these things helpful! I am not by any means a professional at this type of stuff, just working on my own things that I can change to improve myself!


#3 Amber


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Posted 29 November 2011 - 04:59 PM

Nice tips there Adam. I always end up sharing my meals or have them box half before even serving it. This is from one of my clients that liked wine a little too much... She told me she would get a wine glass and pour her Kombucha in it at dinner. Lol.. whatever works! : )

#4 Sarah


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Posted 02 December 2011 - 11:59 PM

I actually just did a workshop today on this topic, however we actually spent more time on what to have at happy hour than dinner:-) One of the things that is so important to remember is to not feel guilty about having to throw food away. One of our guests brought up the fact that healthcare costs 4 times more to care for obese individuals than fit ones. Don't worry about the waste. It is better in the garbage than on your hips! don't feel guilty any more. The other 1/2 of your burger is never going to get to those kids in Africa.

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