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Robyn's Day 18

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 10:13 PM

Today was the first day my alarm had to wake me up since I got here. I was exhausted after yesterday's workout!

I was looking forward to swim this morning as I find it relaxing. Ryan pushed me to do 28 laps again. I have to admit...my mind wasn't in the right place. I'd say I probably did 22 laps at best (I lost count at some point) but at least I swam non-stop the whole time were were at the pool.

After lunch I was still feeling exhausted and felt the best thing for me to do was rest, so I headed home for a bit. After a while I realized I wasn't tired enough to sleep, and I was just wasting time on the couch so I looked at the schedule. Unfortunately, there weren't any classes that I felt like joining and the cardio machines weren't really calling my name either (it was a beautiful day out). I really enjoyed the beach walk I had done yesterday so decided to head down to the beach again and go for a walk on my own. There is something about walking on the beach that feels like home (I'm from San Diego) so although it gets my heart rate up, I could probably do it all day. I ended up walking for almost 2 hours which was a great calorie burn.

Once I was done and home, I realized I was starving but too late for dinner so I decided this was my chance to go into the outside world and get something healthy. My first test. I had heard about a delicious salad at Panera Bread that was low in calories so I went to their website where I found they have a cool nutritional calculator that breaks down the nutritional value of their menu but even better, it gives you a break down of each individual ingredient of their salads. I decided on a Pick Two meal which gives you a half salad and a cup of soup. The half-sized Thai Chicken Salad was only 230 calories. When I looked at the ingredients listed I noticed that the crispy wontons were 70 calories alone and had a high amount of sodium so I decided I'd skip those and get the dressing on the side. For soup I went with the lowfat chicken noodle which was only 80 calories, so all together I was getting a meal for 240 calories that had a good balance of protein/carbs/fat (22g/29g/8g). The half salad was HUGE, and I left very satisfied.

Warning: What I wasn't aware of is their meals come with a small piece of french baguette. I at least removed the inside, but still used the crust to dunk in my soup. It was delicious but definitely reminded me that 1)I still lack some willpower when food is put in front of me and 2)it's important to ask questions when ordering food. I later found out that you can get bread, chips, or an apple. Next time I'll go with the apple.

Highlight: Beach walk
Lowlight: Overall tiredness...makes getting motivated difficult

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 12:16 PM

This is great Robyn! I love that you researched before you went out to Panera. Remember, this is a learning process and you took the steps to make good choices. It seems like you made a great choice with the salad and soup. Even though the bread was an addition, you still made some sacrifices there as well. And now you know for next time that an apple is an option. Again - learning process. For your first venture out, I'd say you did a wonderful job!

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