Emotional Health, It’s time! A Must To Achieve Progress 

By Quincy Martel, MA, Life Coach

Emotional health, much like physical health and wellness requires work, discipline, and practice.  Just imagine if someone didn’t take care of their personal grooming such as brushing hair or teeth and not showering…we’d be quick to take notice at an unkempt appearance.   We may even confront the person, and or attempt to help them.  We recognize whether an individual takes care of their body, by looking at their shape and size. The physical is something that is outward and can be visually or apparent to the other senses. On the other hand, emotional health is not visible even though it may become apparent over time.  Emotional health is often times neglected and many don’t pay attention to it.  In order to have a better quality of life, mind and body, it’s important to work on emotional health in conjunction with physical health.  Here are some tools to help work out the limbic system and develop and improve the emotional wellness.

It’ important to protect and develop emotional and self-care by working on self- esteem.  Words have power and negative words may be weapons.  Self-esteem is affected by how we value and talk to ourselves  (internal dialogue) and people whom we surround ourselves…there’s and old saying misery love’s company.  In the emotional world negativity attracts and feeds off negativity.  It’s important to curb and catch self-criticism and negative self-talk.

The internal thought process and dialogue greatly affects the limbic system in the brain.  Beliefs are based in thoughts.  It’s important to choose those thoughts wisely and keep them in check.  Negative self- thoughts beget negative self -beliefs that may affect self-esteem and self worth.  Practice positive self-talk, affirmations, and surrounding yourself with positive supportive people. Just say “No.”  Most people who are emotionally taxed do not know how to enforce boundaries within relationships.  It’s ok to say “no” and enforce healthy boundaries with family, friends or coworkers.  It may take practice, but setting healthy boundaries will reduce stress, and resentment. Journal.  Active writing goal setting and journaling has emotional therapeutic value.  Thoughts become reality when pen meets paper.

Find peace.  Peace takes work…seems odd but true.  Peace takes an emotional discipline that will help the individual detoxify from failure, resentment, rejection, hurt, pain.  Letting go of emotional turmoil takes work, but hanging onto it is much harder and usually negatively impacts the individual’s behaviors and physical well-being. Letting go and finding peace is a discipline requires and individual to look at variables the may be able to control, and wisdom to discern the variables they cannot control.  Attempting to control things we cannot control like being stuck in traffic threatens the emotional health of an individual…stress.

Stretch more stress less.  Stress unless there is a bear in the woods…does the body harm.  Keep your emotional heath in check by staving off stress by meditation, yoga, breath work and prayer life. 

Find meaning and purpose in life.  Emotional health and wellness is tied into purpose and meaning.  A great man once told me the best way to help yourself is to help another.

There is no time like the now to take care of yourself by taking care of your emotional health.

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Why Hire a Personal Trainer When Everything’s Online?

Why Hire a Personal Trainer When Everything’s Online?

As a an avid Instagram groupie, I’ve thoroughly explored the online, self-help weight-loss world, and what I discovered is that pretty much everything I need to successfully shed the pounds and keep them off is out there…workouts, classes, nutrition and diet advice, healthy cooking classes, the right equipment and even the right supplements.
So it stands to reason that now I have reached my weight-loss goals and have all the tools I need to keep the pounds off, right?
Although much of the information I found online was useful, there are elements crucial to successful weight loss that, no matter how wonderful the internet is, can only be obtained from an expert who will keep you motivated, accountable and disciplined. (If you’re already consistently all of those things…hat off to you.)
A PT Provides Motivation and Accountability
We can’t do it alone. If we could, we would have lost the weight and kept it off by now. Our biggest problem is that we shoot ourselves in the foot. We can be our own worst enemy. Personal trainers remove the excuse barriers, keep us focused and accountable to the goal and make adjustments as progress is made.
A PT Is Knowledgeable and Can Build A Customized Plan
Personal trainers work hard to educate themselves, not to be persuaded by the latest health and fitness trends. They devise a custom plan that gets the best and most accurate results for your body. The personalized plan will garner faster and better results than if you were to attempt weight loss or even a diet plan on your own.
A PT Can Shake Up Your Routine and Challenge You
Sometimes we all hit a weight-loss plateau. Sometimes it is worst than that and we never really get to where we are burning fat instead of shedding water. A trainer can see where you have stalled, or what your body has adjusted to, and create a new routine that will give you maximum results.
A PT Can Help You Develop The Discipline To Be Successful
Do you ever wonder what separates good people from successful people? Most times it lies in the discipline that they put into their craft to make them successful and the best at what they do. A trainer will help you achieve that. A trainer will monitor, push and press you to meet and exceed your limits and do it constantly until it turns into a habit for you. You in turn become successful because you are able to maintain the mode and the mind to keep the weight off for good.
A PT Can Help You Overcome Your Fears
Let’s admit it. We have all hid from life in one way or another because of our weight and poor self-confidence. We are full of so much possibility if we didn’t talk ourselves out of things or shy away from dealing with those hard places. A personal trainer is that extra support. They help guide and direct you to go further than you ever imagined.
You can get all of these things from the trainers at Live in Fitness, where we develop a strategy that is centered around scientific testing and give you a plan that will guarantee success. You will see results not just in your body, but also in your diet and mental development.
If you’re ready to succeed, contact Live in Fitness. We specialize in being an award-winning weight-loss fitness camp that will give you the results you need. Our motto? No Client Left Behind. We empower you to be all that you are destined to be in mind, body and spirit. Give us a call at 877-602-4863.

How To Survive Thanksgiving Dinner



How To Survive Thanksgiving Dinner

All though we try not to admit it, we know that one of our favorite holidays each year is Thanksgiving Day. We also know that it is not for our family, but for the food! The unlimited array of meat, breads and desserts can make the most resilient workout person weak in the knees. Studies show the average person gains between 8-16 pounds from Halloween until New Year’s Day. But have no fear. Here are some friendly reminders taught by the nutrition team at Live In Fitness weight loss camp on how to survive the Thanksgiving table and holiday season.

Remember To Exercise 
It is already going to be hard to work off the calories you are already trying to lose, don’t add to them. Keep active, even if it is just a walk in the morning. During the holiday season, take full advantage of being out and about to work off any excess calories gained from holiday parties, sampling at the grocery store, or at the Thanksgiving table this season.
Eat Breakfast
This is tempting as we were raised to skip breakfast on Thanksgiving day as children. We were told holiday eating is far better on an empty stomach! This poor teaching however encourages overeating and not maintaining portion control. Start the day off by eating a small meal and sticking to your portions throughout the day. This will keep you satisfied and less likely to go overboard in the calories.
Slow Down 
The food is there, in fact food is everywhere. There is a strong desire to want to pig out, but please resist. Slow down, drink water in between your bites. Give you body time to realize that it is full. If you eat slow, you will savoy it and your body will enjoy it a lot better with fewer calories. Besides, what’s a holiday full of gas. Yikes.
Drink In Moderation 
I know that there are good reasons and bad reasons during the holidays to drink. We all view drinking in a different light. But resist the urge to drink excessively. Drinking makes your thirsty, increases your desire for other foods, and piles in 500-900 unnecessary calories per drink. A celebration drink is ok, but try to stay focus on consuming water and staying hydrated.
Remember What The Holidays Is All About
Remember the holidays and specifically Thanksgiving Day is not about food. Though it might not be about the family either, it is a time for you to reflect and be thankful for what you have and whomever you have it with. Yes the food is an added bonus, but let is be a small amount of icing on your cake of a great life.
If you remember to observe these thoughts through the holiday season, you will not set yourself back but get closer to achieving your weight loss goals.

How To Keep A Healthy Diet For The Super Busy



How To Maintain A Healthy Diet For The Super Busy 

As we draw close to the end of the year, it seems as if we have little time for anything anymore. Christmas music is on the radio, New Year’s Eve holiday party planning has began, and it seems we never get time to break for a proper meal. We all know that having a healthy diet is essential to achieving your weight loss goals, but it seems the challenge to get or make time to maintain the proper diet and nutrition is unyielding.

Live In Fitness is here to help. As taught in our diet and nutrition behavior classes, there are a fews things you can do to keep yourself healthy and achieving your weight-loss goals. It isn’t anything fancy, but it does take decisive action and consistency. Just a few changes will have a tremendous impact on your energy and metabolism and keep you on track in reaching and exceeding your weight loss goals.

1. Never Skip  A Meal – Especially Breakfast 

I know that the kids must be to school by the bell at 8:05am. You may have even forgot to take the dog out for a walk. But skipping breakfast is a no no. Skipping breakfast is linked to increase weight gain, health risk and it will make you cranky a lot faster. Even if you have to eat something small or pre-packed like a granola bar, at least take something to eat to your desk in the morning to keep your metabolism going.

  1. Prepare 

I know it is hard to get to the grocery store these days and do the whole meal prepping thing. Meal prepping in and of itself sometimes feels very intimidating, but it is necessary. Make time to hit the market in the evening or on the weekend. You could even research having food delivered. The better prepared you are the greater the likelihood that you will eat.

  1. Don’t Eat At Your Desk

I know that it is tempting, but focus eating is mandatory in weight loss. When you don’t eat where you work, you eat less, slower, and the change of scenery can do wonders to clear your head. Also eating away from work and with others make you conscience of your eating habits. Lastly eating away from your desk will also benefit your social and networking opportunities as well, as it gets you away from yourself and around other great people.

  1. Start Chugging Down Water. 

Water is essential to keeping you hydrated, keeping headaches down, and even taking away certain hunger and cravings pangs. If you can’t stand the taste, maybe add some fruit or vegetables to serve as a natural sweetener.

  1. Choose Your Restaurants Wisely. 

Eating out makes it so easy to cheat and even with the trend of healthy alternatives, many healthy food options are still chalked with secret sugars, fats, oils, and salts. Plan wisely. Check out apps and cruise websites before you go out, and if you are in the moment always go grilled with veggies.

  1. Don’t Shop When You Are Hungry

Sometimes the grocery store can be harder than a restaurant with so many tempting options to choose from. Stay around the perimeter of the store and make it a priority to shop at a time that you are are not rushed and calm so that you can make wise decisions that aren’t fast, cheap, or easy.

  1. Slow Down On The Liquor

Liquor is a silent killer for more reasons than the obvious. Liquor puts on unnecessary calories that will kill even the best workout plan. Tempting to splurge during happy hour? Studies show that the average drinks contains 700 calories. You must be mindful of the liquor and wine consumption, and if you are dining out plan accordingly.

If you focus on planning ahead, concentrating on meal selection and really taking care of your mind and body, you will find yourself more productive throughout the day. You want your energy to be spent in the gym and not on doctors visits. To learn more about how you can have the proper diet, weight loss and lifestyle contact Live In Fitness. Live In Fitness weight loss camp is the will give you a customize plan to get your life moving forward in the right direction.


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