Is The Athlete Program Right For Me?

• I am an athlete/athletic.
• I have reached my fitness goal and want to exceed it.
• I want to increase lean muscle mass.
• I want high-intensity workouts.
• I want to be pushed to my limits.
• I want to be trained in the latest diet and exercise programs and disciplines.

The Athlete Program is for the passionate athlete who is already lean and healthy but wants to take his or her fitness to the next level.  We analyze your levels, identify those areas you want to improve and target those muscles with a cardio, weight lifting and physical sports. The Athlete Program will be one of the hardest things you ever do, but the sports-specific training will keep you ready for your sport’s season, movie, wedding, reunion, photo shoot or just the beach.  Train to not only be a better athlete but a powerful person.

The Athlete Program includes:

•  5-7 Hours of coached exercise (varies with capabilities)
• Ultimate Testing Package
• Nutritional assessment
• All chef-prepared meals
• One-on-one nutritional session
• Nutritional lectures
• Grocery store trips with nutritionist
• Chef-lead cooking classes
• Proper exercise lectures
• Life coaching lectures
• …and more

*Results may vary, and are not guaranteed. Every guest’s body is unique and will respond to the diet and exercise programs at Live In Fitness differently.