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Behavioral Education

Getting into shape isn’t just about diet and exercise; it’s about changing the behaviors and attitudes that made you out of shape in the first place.  Most people don’t really understand how healthy living works—it’s not something we were taught in school.  Our staff will educate you about the behaviors that hold you back and teach you new behaviors that will help you live a healthier lifestyle for years to come.



Assessing the Behavioral

Most people don’t understand the behaviors that have caused them to live an unhealthy

lifestyle. In fact, they may not even know what behaviors are unhealthy, or more importantly,

why they can’t stop doing them. Our educators take the time to assess your current behaviors

and then give you the information you need to make the lifelong cognitive changes necessary to

gain control of your unhealthy behaviors and integrate new, healthy behaviors to keep you on


Changing Environment

Many people become out of shape or otherwise unhealthy because they live in a toxic

environment. They may have “friends” who tempt them into unhealthy living. They may work in

an office that encourages unhealthy behaviors. Our expert staff will show you how to identify

what parts of your environment are unhealthy, and show you how to change your lifestyle in

subtle ways in order to create a healthier and far less toxic environment.

Changing the Mind

A large component of living an unhealthy lifestyle, or being overweight, is your mindset. Before

you can make lasting changes you need to change the way your mind relates to your body and

understand that you deserve a healthy lifestyle. You also need to change your negative inner

dialogue into a positive one. We’ll give you the tools to make sure your subconscious stops

working against you and instead helps you meet and maintain all of your fitness goals.

Eric’s Signature Business Plan

The highest achievers are successful for several reasons, but all have goals, and more

importantly, make a plan on how they are going to get there. The same is true for weight loss or

physical pursuit as well. I think a great deal about how I am going to achieve the things that are

important to me, and every single time, I put a plan into place. If you think about building a

business, wouldn’t you consider putting together a business plan so that you can ensure to the

best of your ability that you will not fail? I often ask, then why don’t you do this for your health

and your happiness? You cannot put yourself last. If you do, you will fail to meet your fitness

and weight loss goals. This is so important to success, and I will show you how to be

successful with your health and your weight so that you don’t have to keep failing time and time