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Polar Body Age Assessment

(Included in all packages) How old are you? Discover your actual age through the use of key biomarkers of aging! This assessment tool is used to evaluate acceleration of unhealthy aging and provide valuable information on prolonging vitality.



You can’t stop the hands of time, but you can change how time affects your body. Each of us has our numerical age and our real body age. Our real body age isn’t how many times we’ve been around the sun, it’s how at-risk our body is compared to average people. With the Live In Fitness program, we help you learn how to reduce your real body age so that you are far less at risk for lifestyle-related health problems. It’s like turning back the clock, and the end result is that you look and feel years younger.


A New Goal For Your Fitness

Polar BodyAge® system marks a revolution in training, giving a fitness assessment based on your body’s vital statistics. The Polar BodyAge® system gets a completely unique and thorough assessment of your physical body age. Once you have had your body age measured, you will receive an assessment sheet and a personal training program to lower your body age. The Polar BodyAge® system assessment is a great tool for goal setting, motivation and reaching those goals.